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CBS National News Covers the PiQo4 Laser, the World’s Most Advanced Tattoo Removal Laser

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Dr. Mitchell Chasin demonstrates the power of the PiQo4 Laser for erasing bad ink.

The PiQo4 Laser is the newest pico-second laser to receive FDA-Approval, and the most powerful by leaps and bounds. Pico-second lasers have been touted as the newest and best treatment for tattoo removal for the past 2 years, but Dr. Chasin did not feel the earlier models were powering the lasers with enough energy to reach their full potential. The PiQ04 laser not only has significantly more power, but has 4 different wavelengths, and a multitude of settings for the power and depth of those wavelengths, so the physician can erase multiple colors at multiple depths in the same treatment with the same laser. This means easier, safer laser tattoo removal sessions, and fewer total sessions needed by each patient.

As with all lasers, selecting an experienced and knowledgeable provider is the key to a successful treatment. Learn more about our Laser Guru, Dr. Mitchell Chasin, here >>