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Permanent Makeup Removal, New Jersey CBS News

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Individual results will vary.*

One of the most popular laser tattoo removal concerns we hear is whether tattooed makeup (also called permanent makeup) is able to be safely and effectively removed. Permanent makeup has grown in popularity over the past few years, leading many unqualified professionals to enter the field. Luckily, laser tattoo removal gives most patients a good option to fade or erase their permanent makeup regrets.* In this new clip, CBS2 EyeWitness News visits our New Jersey Laser Center to learn more about laser tattoo removal for permanent makeup.

*Individual results will vary. Each tattoo responds differently to laser tattoo removal. Click here to learn more about laser tattoo removal and the devices available to help fade or remove your unwanted ink. A consultation is the best way to learn about which techniques and laser therapies will work best for your tattoo. 

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