Nova PDO Threads for Lifting and Volumizing

Lift and restore volume with FDA-Approved PDO Threads.
    1. What are Nova PDO Threads? What are the different types of threads?
      1. Nova Threads – Smooth, Smooth-Twisted, Barbed PDO Threads
    2. Symptoms Addressed by PDO 
      1. Loose Skin in the Cheeks and Jawline
      2. flattened Cheeks
      3. Loose and Wrinkled Skin Around the Eyes and Crow’s Feet
      4. Drooping Eyebrows
      5. Lip Shape and Definition (Feathered Lip Edges)
      6. Crepey Skin
      7. Horizontal Neck Bands (also called necklace lines)
      8. Drooping Buttocks
      9. Drooping Breasts
      10. Wrinkled, Loose Skin Around the Elbows or Knees
    3. Who is a Candidate for PDO threads?
    4. Are Nova PDO Thread Lifts Safe?
    5. Expected Results and Longevity of Results
    6. Post-Procedure Care and Recovery from PDO Threads
    7. Reflections’ Award-Winning Injectors, Specializing in PDO Threads Procedures

    What are PDO Threads?

    Polydioxanone Threads (PDO Threads) are absorbable threads that induce collagen production in the body. Depending on the type of  PDO thread and injection technique, these procedures lift, tighten, or add volume to the area treated.

    Types of PDO Threads

    Nova Threads – Smooth, Smooth-Twisted, Barbed PDO Threads

    Nova Threads offer 3 varieties of PDO Threads, each of which creates a different effect.

    • Smooth Nova Threads add volume by increasing collagen production that thickens and supports the skin. This volume is smoothly distributed throughout the area. These are most often injected in a mesh of threads to create three-dimensional volume.
    • Smooth-Twisted Nova Threads creates targeted volume in the specific areas treated.  For example, Smooth-Twisted Nova Threads can be used to redefine the lip’s shape and add volume.
    • Barbed Nova Threads lift and tighten the skin smoothly, by stimulating collagen to contract below the skin’s surface.

    Symptoms Addressed by PDO Threads

    Loose Skin in the Cheeks and Jawline

    PDO Threads can be used to stimulate collagen below the skin to contract, creating natural lift and tightening along the jawline and throughout the cheeks. This minimally invasive procedure is a safe and effective alternative, that offers natural results with a very short downtime. As you can see in the photo below, PDO threads create an immediate effect by lifting the skin with barbed or coned threads. However, this result will continue to improve over 3-6 months as the collagen below contracts.


    flattened Cheeks

    PDO Threads can create three-dimensional lift and volume in the cheeks. The volume added is similar to what can be achieved with 1-2 syringes of dermal fillers. Replacing the volume lost in the cheekbone area does allow for a moderate amount of lift. However, lifting PDO Threads take it to the next level, by creating tightening below the skin’s surface, and building a stronger collagen support system for the skin.

    Below you’ll see the immediate and 1 month post-procedure results from PDO Threads for cheek lifting and volume. What you’ll notice about this patient is that her cheeks were flattening out from normal aging, but her smile lines weren’t yet deep-set. Her cheeks received a nice lift and added fullness from the procedure. However, when there is more significant forward sagging (as evidenced by deeper smile lines) the PLA lifting threads from Silhouette Instalift can be the better option.

    PDO THreads Injectable Face Lift

    Loose and Wrinkled Skin Around the Eyes and Crow’s Feet

    You may have heard Botox is the best for Crow’s feet, but it’s not that simple. Botox can help overactive muscles around the eyes to relax, preventing future wrinkles. But when it comes to resolving set-in lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, PDO Threads provides a comprehensive solution.

    There are two underlying causes of these wrinkles: loss of fat and collagen below the skin’s surface, and loss of skin elasticity (or looseness of the skin). PDO Threads add volume, restore collagen, and tighten the skin for the best result in a single treatment. Botox can be used in conjunction with PDO Threads to prevent future wrinkles in the area. Think of it as preventative maintenance.

    Drooping Eyebrows

    When it comes to lifting the brows without surgery, PDO Threads offer the unique ability to control and selectively lift sections of the brow. This creates a natural-looking result, tailored to the individual. Most patients will find the outside of the brows, or lateral brow, droops more than the center of the brow. When this is the case, PDO threads offers a nice option for lifting just the outside of the brow, without distorting the center of the brow.

    Lip Shape and Definition (Feathered Lip Edges)

    PDO Threads in the lips can be used to redefine feathered lip borders, in addition to adding volume. The result is much longer-lasting than a dermal filler, and creates a smooth, natural look.

    Lip Lines and Smoker’s Lines

    A mesh of nova threads can be used to support this delicate skin and help collagen regrow throughout the upper lip, smoothing away wrinkles and firming up the skin.

    Crepey Skin

    PDO Threads can restore skin tone and texture, eliminating crepey skin, by promoting the growth of new collagen.

    Horizontal Neck Bands (also called necklace lines)

    PDO Threads can be used throughout the neck to improve skin smoothness and eliminate wrinkles. A mesh of smooth PDO threads is used to support the skin and rebuild collagen throughout the area.

    Drooping Buttocks

    PDO Threads can lift and support drooping, thin skin. Combined with dermal fillers like Sculptra, PDO Threads can be used to create a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) result, which is particularly helpful for patients who are too thin to undergo traditional fat transfer for BBL techniques.

    Wrinkled, Loose Skin Around the Elbows or Knees

    Loose skin around the elbows and knees can be difficult to tighten, and there are very few solutions that offer a good result without unsightly scars. PDO Threads offer a non-surgical option to not only lift and tighten the skin but also improve skin thickness and quality.

    Who is a Candidate for  PDO threads?

    An ideal candidate for PDO Threads has:

    • Mild to moderate sagging, volume loss, or skin texture concerns
    • Not had neurotoxins (botox) or dermal fillers within the previous two weeks
    • Not taken blood thinners for at least the past 2 weeks

    Could Nova PDO Threads be the right treatment for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, by calling our office at 732-356-1666.

    Are Thread Lifts Safe?

    Yes, PDO Threads are completely safe and have been FDA-Approved.  The PDO Thread material has been used for years in dissolving sutures, and the cosmetic applications described in this page have been used for years in Europe with great success. PDO Threads should completely dissolve within 6 months following their insertion, leaving behind new collagen in their place.

    Many years ago, permanent sutures were used to lift the face and neck. These thread lifts lost FDA-Approval because the permanent nature of these procedures caused problems in the long term. Nova PDO Threads are completely dissolvable and reversible, making them a safe alternative.

    Expected Results and Longevity of Results

    Results from your Nova PDO Threads are immediately visible and will continue to improve over a period of 6 months, as they induce collagen production.

    With Nova PDO Threads, You can expect your results to last up to 18 months and can prolong and improve your results with a touch-up at 1 year.

    Post-Procedure Care and Recovery from PDO Threads

    Most Nova PDO Threads procedures will not require more than one night off from normal work or social activities. Occasionally, patients may experience swelling or bruising which lasts longer than 24 hours. There are certain patients, and certain injection sites which are at higher risk for prolonged swelling or bruising than others. Your physician will discuss recovery expectations in greater detail during your consultation.

    Reflections’ Award-Winning Injectors, Specializing in PDO Threads Procedures

    Application of Dissolving Threads is an advanced injection technique. Reflections’ team of award-winning injectors have received specialized training in these procedures, and have mastered the nuanced skill of creating natural-looking results. Learn More about our team of Cosmetic Physicians.

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