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Prep Your Skin for Fall

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As seasons change, so should your skin routine. With autumn comes cooler temperatures, less humidity and a whole new array of skin concerns to address. Don’t forget that just because jeans and sweaters cover your skin it doesn’t mean you can get lazy on your skincare. Here are a few tips on how to keep your skin healthy through the fall months:

Find A Body Cleanser for the Season:

Make sure your body wash isn’t going to dry out your skin. Look for products that are soap-free and hydrating to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Now would be a good time to trade in gel body washes for creamy body washes.

Exfoliate with Oil-Based Scrubs:
Exfoliation shouldn’t equate to dry skin. By finding face and body scrubs enriched with oil, you are not only cleanses your skin, you are keeping it hydrated as well.

Don’t Skip The Moisturizer:
To keep dry skin at bay, moisturize everyday! By applying lotion right out of the shower, you are sealing in the moisture that your body has just absorbed.

Assess Your Skin:
Your skin type can change with the seasons and environment. Look for dry skin, changes in breakout or oil levels. To ensure you are treating your skin type appropriately, seek out a skin consultation from a medical professional.

Sort Through Your Skincare Routine:

Using too many products together—such as facial masks and exfoliators—can irritate skin. If you have to, label your products with designated days so that you don’t overlap treatments. Also, remove and replace any expired products from your routine.

Sunscreen Is A Necessity:
Do you know that UV rays can damage your skin through clothing? Sunscreen is essential to protecting your skin against premature wrinkling, skin cancer and dryness. We recommend using at least and SPF 40 sunscreen daily. Don’t neglect your lips, either! A great SPF lip balm can prevent painful, cracked lips.

Don’t Forget Your Hands:
Your hands can show signs of aging just as much as any other part of your body. Indulge in a new hand moisturizer to keep in your bag, car or office. The cold weather, wearing gloves and constant hand washing can cause painful splitting. The more you moisturize your hands, the easier it is to prevent dryness.

If you have fall skin concerns, our physicians at the Reflections Center for Skin and Body would be happy to recommend the best skincare routine for your skin type.