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Prevent Bad Scars from Ever Happening, Even If You Scar Easily or Keloid

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If you’ve had a recent surgery or injury that has left you with a scar, chances are you’re concerned about how that scar will heal. For some patients, scars don’t just easily fade over time and become undetectable. For patients susceptible to developing a keloid over a scar this can be a big concern due to the visual impact of a keloid formation. Luckily, with laser treatments, bad scars can be prevented from forming when treated properly. New research has shown that an integrative approach to laser scar treatment is the most effective way to reduce the possibility of severe scars from forming.

What Lasers can be used to treat scars?

VBeam pulsed-dye laser

The VBeam pulsed dye laser targets scars with intense bursts of light to the skin. This light is then absorbed by vbeamundesirable redness on the surface of the skin, allowing for reduced redness and a more tone to the complexion. For the patient’s comfort, the VBeam uses a cold “cryogen spray” accompanying each pulse of the laser. This addition of a cold spray protects the skin from having an adverse reaction to treatment.

CO2 Fractional

CO2 Lasers are some of the most powerful and effective lasers available for the treatment of scars and unwanted skin texture. The CO2 laser quickly breaks up scar tissue and stimulates new cell and collagen production rather than allowing for the formation of a keloid. Some patients are wary of this powerful laser; however, when your treatment is performed by an experienced cosmetic physician or facial plastic surgeon you can be sure that they will understand how to properly adjust the settings to effectively treat your unique skin type.

What is a Keloid?

A keloid is essentially the overgrowth of scar tissue. The appearance essentially a “raised scar” that can often grow larger than the original wound. Many patients are concerned about the possibility of a scar such as this forming after a surgery or injury due to the more noticeable nature of a keloid. While one’s tendency to keloid over a scar cannot be prevented, early treatment of a scar can promote healthier healing allowing it to be less noticeable.

Combined treatment using pulsed-dye & CO2 lasers

Research has shown that by combining these two types of lasers for the treatment of immature scars you can effectively avoid the formation of both dark pigmentations as well as the uneven texture of the skin. According to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, pulsed-dye laser combined with the CO2 fractional laser has a beneficial effect on immature red hypertrophic scars¹.

In layman’s terms, the combining the two lasers balance each other out for a more effective treatment that involves less downtime. While the VBeam pulsed-dye targets the redness and pigmentation, it is possible for it to cause further division of the cells and therefore forming a buildup in texture. However, when a CO2 laser is added to the treatment plan, it is seen that the result is better than treating with PDL alone. Therefore, with this combination clinical treatment can be set to 3 months², which can reduce the patient’s treatment cycle length and overall downtime.

Why patients are choosing Reflections for their scar treatments

There are several factors that will ensure that you have a safe and successful scar treatment. The Reflections team is highly trained and only uses the best technology available while also keeping a pulse on research developments that can benefit our patients. We own all of our machines used for laser treatments to avoid any inconsistencies that can happen with rented equipment.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in having an unwanted scar removed, give Reflections Center in New Jersey a call to schedule your consultation with one of our physicians specializing in cosmetic treatments and solutions. Reflections Center offers the most versatility in laser treatments than any other facility in the area, owning more than 50 different types of lasers.

If you would like to learn more about the laser scar treatments available at reflections, contact our Martinsville or Livingston locations to schedule an appointment today!


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