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Skin Classic: A Solution For A Variety of Skin Concerns

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When it comes to having smooth, clear skin, details matter. Even if you do everything perfectly, it’s normal to still experience small bumps, clogged pores, and pigmented spots. If you’re bothered by small imperfections, you don’t need to fret about them or invest in extensive treatments. Our Skin Classic device is a quick and easy way to treat skin irregularities without extensive downtime or treatment packages. This is one of our most recommended options for patients with surface-level concerns looking for long-lasting results. Here’s what to know about Skin Classic, available at our Bridgewater and Livingston locations.

What is Skin Classic?

Skin Classic is a radiofrequency energy device that uses high-frequency energy to treat small areas of the skin. It uses a tiny, pen-sized applicator tip to target specific areas of the skin. When the radiofrequency energy comes into contact with the appropriate cells, it generates heat and damages them. They eventually flake off and the area heals, leaving smooth skin. Traditionally, options like liquid nitrogen are used to treat small lesions on the skin but come with a significant risk of scarring. This makes Skin Classic one of the most useful technologies we offer to our patients!

What Can Skin Classic Treat?

Skin Classic is an all-in-one solution for a variety of concerns. We most commonly use it to treat:

  • Milia: These are small white spots that often occur around the thinner skin of the forehead and eyes – they’re hard, clogged pores that become enclosed and require specialized treatment to avoid scarring.
  • Broken Capillaries and Spider Veins: Most people have some tiny, visible veins on the nose and cheeks. These are some of the most vascular areas of the face, so when you experience acne scars or traumas to the face, it can damage the veins and make them more visible.
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia: These bumps are almost donut-like in shape and aren’t whiteheads – instead, they’re filled with hardened sebaceous oil that can’t be removed with at-home methods.
  • Skin Tags: Skin tags are small areas of overproduction of collagen. Although they’re completely harmless, they can cause irritation because they occur in areas where skin rubs against itself. It’s difficult to remove skin tags on your own without causing scarring or discomfort.
  • Derma Papulosa Nigra: These spots primarily affect patients of color and are small, dark bumps similar to freckles or seborrheic keratoses. They don’t go away on their own and can even become larger and more plentiful as you age.
  • Clogged Pores: Sometimes, pores simply become clogged. Without treatment, they can become even more inflamed and prone to scarring, a much more difficult concern to treat.
  • Flat Hyperpigmentation: Areas of pigmentation that aren’t raised above the skin, such as sun spots or freckles, can also be treated.
  • Cherry Angiomas: These small red spots are areas where a blood vessel has broken near the surface of the skin. They may be raised above the surface of the skin or they may be more flat against it.

Check out these videos to learn more about your treatment options from our cosmetic physicians:

What to Expect with Skin Classic

Skin Classic treatments are incredibly fast and easy. It causes no pain or discomfort and you can get right back to your regular schedule afterward. For up to a week, you might have some slight crusting and pinkness in the treatment area, but keeping Aquaphor on it can help ease symptoms and protect the skin as it heals. Within a few weeks, you’ll see smooth and clear skin. In most cases, patients need only a single treatment for great results – and with such a low cost, it’s an excellent option for fine-tuning your skin and getting rid of bothersome spots.

Skin Classic at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine

Skin Classic is one of the best ways to tackle small skin concerns – it offers the attention to cosmetic detail you want, along with the expertise of our award-winning providers to help you make the most of your results. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our options here at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine, serving the greater Bridgewater and Livingston areas.