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RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

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RapidTat laser tattoo removal procedure offers many advantages over traditional methods:

  • A breakthrough that greatly shortens the time needed to reduce the appearance of a tattoo
  • Uses proven, FDA-cleared laser tattoo removal technology in a revolutionary new way
  • Allows for six months worth of treatments in a single day
  • Saves time and money, as RapidTat costs less per session than traditional tattoo removal
  • Represents the latest innovation in the rapid removal of unwanted tattoos

Laser tattoo removal can help you get rid of that tattoo you regret, but it takes some time. Many tattoos require four or more laser sessions, each spaced at least eight weeks apart, meaning it can take many months or even years to fade that bad decision into nothing more than a bad memory.

Now with RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal, we can greatly accelerate the clearance of unwanted ink, in a safe and very effective manner. Using tried-and-true FDA-cleared laser tattoo removal technologies, our doctors perform a series of four lasering sessions, all in a single office visit.

The innovative RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal protocol is based on recent studies that have shown there is a brief window after a laser tattoo removal session has taken place, about 20 minutes, in which another round of treatment can be performed without any added risk to the treatment area. What used to take numerous laser treatment sessions spaced months apart can now be performed the same day, with results that are as good or better than the traditional treatment regimen.

RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal represents a savings for our patients in both time and money. Not only are they getting about six months worth of treatments in a single day, the patient gets four rounds of RapidTat lasering for the cost of three traditional laser tattoo removal treatments.

RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal can also be combined with skin resurfacing technologies such as Fraxel Re:Store to help promote healing in the treatment area.

Visit our laser tattoo removal page to learn more about how laser tattoo removal works, or contact us to learn more about this innovative new way to rapidly get rid of unwanted ink.