Medical Spa in Somerville

Reflections offers it patients in Somerville world-class medical spa facilities for any skin, facial and body problems. It is a state of the art medical spa that offers the latest medical grade treatments within the comfort of a spa’s pampering environment. The staff at reflections center has years of experience that allows them to not only take care of your skin problems but also offer you wellness.

As you age, there are several changes in the skin and body that may be difficult to deal with for everybody. Premature aging can negatively impact the self-image and confidence of a majority of people; issues like fine lines, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, sun damage and sagging can be very difficult to deal with. Pregnancy and weight loss can also leave you with fatty deposits in certain body areas or loose skin. If you are looking for treatments in Somerville, book a consultation at reflections center today. Once your skin is evaluated and the amount of required correction determined, the expert staff will customize a treatment plant for you.

The individualized treatment can include non surgical options like dermal fillers, neuromodulators, laser skin tightening, massage therapy; or surgical procedures like liposuction and facial surgery. You can also walk in for removal of a tattoo you no longer desire or hair removal treatments. The advantage of getting treatment at Reflections center is how years of experience has ensured you get just the results you desired and yet they look so natural, nobody will even know you underwent a procedure. The facials and peels you get in the comfort of the medical spa will take years off your face and give you a healthy glow that will last for a long time. When in Somerville, you can opt for these procedures:

Facial Surgery Procedures

More and more people are experiencing aging signs at an early age and look for a cosmetic solution for it. There are lines and wrinkles or sagging skin that makes you look older than your years. You may not be facing facial aging but want to change how a facial feature appears. Whatever your requirements might be, at Reflections center, the best treatment will be planned to help you achieve your goals. You can choose from the following treatments in Somerville:

Body Surgery Procedures

Body surgery procedures at Reflections center can help you get rid of stubborn fat deposits or enhance a particular area of your body. You can reach all your aesthetic goals with the latest technology offered and the expertise of our staff. If you are in Somerville and looking for body contouring procedures, you can choose from the following:

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