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Remove That Mistake in Half the Time with This New Innovation in Tattoo Removal

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Lasers have come a long way and now remove tattoos more completely, in far less time than before.

Whether you feel like tattoos are holding you back from advancing in your career, you love the design but don’t love the artwork, or you no longer love the design you chose, tattoo regret is a pretty common occurrence, even among tattoo fans.

THis patient purchased a package of tattoo removal sessions, but the PiQo4 worked faster than both she or our team expected. In only 4 treatments, her tattoo was completely gone!

At Reflections Center, we have several different lasers available to quickly and effectively remove unwanted tattoos of all colors on all skin types. With over 15 years of experience removing tattoos, we’ve tried every laser on the market and the new PiQo4 laser is the most exciting technology change in a very long time. The difference in this laser’s ability to be aggressive but still safe on all skin types is a complete game-changer for tattoo removal.

But how does this laser remove tattoos so quickly and effectively? We’ll dive into the details behind this laser and what makes it so innovative.

How Does Piqo4 Reduce the Number of Treatments?

The PiQo4 is the highest powered laser we’ve ever owned – and is far and above the highest-powered laser ever cleared by the FDA. To call it the ‘”big guns” of tattoo removal is pretty accurate. But because it is so high-powered and doesn’t have preset setting clusters, most inexperienced laser operators are steering clear of this technology – and we think that’s a very good thing.

Dr. Chasin, however, is one of the leading tattoo removal specialists in the country, and is highly-sought-after as a consultant to R&D departments at the leading laser manufacturers. For him, this laser is a dream-come-true, because it allows him to take off the training wheels and really get great results much, much faster than previous technologies. Of course our team of tattoo removal physicians has been fully trained by him in how to safely and effectively use this laser.

The Piqo4 is a Nd:YAG Laser that offers four light wavelengths available to choose from, as well as different settings for treatment area size and depth, wavelength blend, and pulse duration. Very quick pulse durations of nanoseconds or picoseconds (that’s millionths and trillionths of a second) are what put the PiQo4 in a class of new lasers for tattoo removal called Picosecond Lasers. Others in this class of laser include the PicoSure and PicoWay, but those 2 lasers offer lower total power and less ability for the provider to select all of the treatment parameters – that makes it easier for a newbie to learn them, but the treatments tend to be less effective (i.e. you’ll need more sessions to achieve the same result) because of the lack of adjustability to the individual’s needs.

The ability to customize PiQo4 treatments to each patient has been clinically proven to reduce the overall number of treatments a patient needs by an average of 40%.

Is it Painful?

Some patients find that this treatment can be uncomfortable, however, that is why we offer ways to increase your comfort during treatments by using numbing agents. Also, each treatment is extremely quick, typically lasting only 1-2 minutes for an average sized tattoo.

As for numbing, we offer 2 numbing options:

  • numbing injections
  • topical numbing cream

Injections make the process extremely comfortable, but since the numbing effect lasts for a couple of hours you will be leaving with the area still numb after treatment. Injections are only used to numb small areas that are more sensitive and should not be used on large areas for your safety. The topical numbing cream can be used on much larger areas and allows you to avoid needles if you’d like. Typically, those with a full sleeve cannot use numbing injections, but a half-sleeve or smaller can.

Can It Treat All Skin Tones?

Yes, the PiQo4 laser is safe for all skin tones, and for most tattoos, this is the first laser we recommend using in your treatments. Why? Because it is so much more effective at blasting away black ink than anything else on the market, and nearly every tattoo has some black used for shading in it. Once the black is knocked out, we’ll look at your skin tone and the other ink colors in the tattoo to decide whether we’ll use a different setting on the PiQo4, or whether we need to use different lasers moving forward.

Most tattoos are best-treated by several different lasers, since they contain several different ink types and colors.

What Color Ink Can It Remove?

What makes the Piqo4 truly unique is in its versatility. The Piqo4 laser is able to treat nearly every color of tattoo ink on every skin type. This is even without turning down the energy on the laser. This allows us to aggressively treat regrettable tattoos in less time than the other industry leaders in tattoo removal. Since different pigments absorb a specific wavelength, that’s why the PiQo4 offers 4 wavelengths. This allows it to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors.

Downtime & Results

After your tattoo removal treatment, it is typical for the surface of the skin to have a white cast over the treated area. The treatment area will also feel warm to the touch and the skin may also be red and inflamed, similar to a sunburn. Your provider will give you aftercare instructions to follow similar to instructions you would receive when you get a new tattoo. This includes protecting it from the sun, being careful not to pick at it, while also keeping the skin clean and moisturized. Luckily, redness should decrease within an hour or two and you will be able to go on with your day.

Choose Reflections for Your Tattoo Removal

At Reflections, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most effective treatment when removing your unwanted tattoo. That means tailoring our treatments to you and your unique tattoo removal situation.

If you are interested in having an unwanted tattoo removed, give Reflections Center in New Jersey a call to schedule your consultation with one of our physicians specializing in cosmetic treatments and solutions. Reflections Center offers the most versatility in laser treatments than any other facility in the area, owning more than 50 different types of lasers.