As the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Botox patients have many providers to choose from. Unfortunately, less educated or skilled injectors often over-inject Botox, yielding unnatural, unsatisfactory results. This was true for our patient Kelly before she came to Reflections Center. She shared her story with us in this video, and explained why she’s happier with her results after receiving less Botox from Dr. Chasin.

“They never placed it in the right spot and it always made me kind of get a very weird looking, Spock-like Botox effect after. I never, ever wanted that.”

For some patients, injecting some Botox in between the eyebrows relaxes the muscles directly below each eyebrow, creating a beautiful, non-surgical brow lift effect in addition to smoothing “eleven lines”. However, for patients like Kelly, this can be an over-correction that results in raised eyebrows. Previous injectors made this mistake before Kelly came to Reflections Center, so “it always made me kind of get a very weird looking, Spock-like effect after. I never, ever wanted that.” Because the muscles above her brows were stronger than most, Kelly’s brows were left lifted at the ends, resulting in an unnatural and surprised appearance.

The “Spock brow” is one of the most common effects of improper Botox injection, but patients may see other less-than-satisfactory results. A “frozen” look is another telltale sign of over-injection. After Botox, you should still be able to freely show facial expressions like frowning or raising your eyebrows, though they will be softened. Asymmetry, especially between your eyebrows or due to a drooping eyelid, is another classic sign of poor Botox injection technique.

“He really knows what he’s doing, he’s an M.D.!”

After receiving recommendations from coworkers and reading reviews online, Kelly decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chasin for Botox injections. She explains that even after her unsatisfactory results, she kept trying Botox with different providers “because the wrinkles were there and I always trusted someone would do it correctly.” Kelly was also impressed after reading about Dr. Chasin on our site, and says “he really knows what he’s doing, he’s an MD.”

During her first appointment, Dr. Chasin explained that her previous poor results were due to over-injection for her specific anatomy. “He explained to me about my forehead being a small forehead, and he could tell on my left side that I have a stronger muscle.” Dr. Chasin then injected “fifty percent less Botox than any other patient would ever get, because I don’t need a lot. It was just strategically placing it.” During her appointment, Dr. Chasin also explained that his goal was to essentially “retrain” Kelly’s forehead muscles.

After her injections, Kelly finally saw the results she had been hoping for. About two weeks after her injections, she saw softened lines and wrinkles without the “Spock brows” of her previous treatments. “He hit a home run,” she says of Dr. Chasin’s Botox injections. “I’m so happy with it already, and it’s only been two weeks.” (please note: Botox takes 2 weeks to take full effect).

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