“I don’t look the way I feel.”

Around age 50, Jill comments that she began to look older than she felt. “I looked in the mirror and said ‘wow, I don’t look the way I feel.’ I still have energy, I still feel very good, but I look in the mirror and say ‘I look tired.’” However, like many patients, it was important to Jill to still look natural. “I didn’t want to walk into work on a Monday and everyone said ‘oh my goodness, what happened to you?’” she explains.

For these reasons, Jill chose to have Botox and filler injections with Dr. Ellern. This combination is referred to as a “liquid facelift” for its powerful results that still appear natural.

“I wanted to look natural; I wanted to go back to how I looked in my 40s.”

When choosing to have a procedure, Jill’s priority was in maintaining a natural look with subtle results. “I wanted to go back to how I looked in my 40s,” she explains.
Dr. Ellern suggested a liquid facelift for Jill to treat wrinkles and volume loss and restore a youthful look. During a liquid facelift, Dr. Ellern strategically injects Botox to treat dynamic wrinkles and dermal fillers to address volume loss, especially below the eyes and in the cheeks, which can result in the tired appearance that Jill was concerned about. At Reflections Center, we offer a full range of filler options, meaning that Dr. Ellern can carefully choose the correct product for each patient’s unique needs.

Choosing a physician such as Dr. Ellern also allows patients like Jill to achieve a natural look. Less experienced injectors may inject an excessive amount of product, resulting in a “frozen” look from Botox or an “overfilled” look from fillers. Dr. Ellern has advanced training and extensive knowledge of each injectable option, so patients can feel confident that they will achieve the best possible results.

“I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else.”

Jill chose Reflections Center and Dr. Ellern after reading reviews from previous patients. Since starting her treatment, Jill has been happy with both her results and experience. “I love the staff. Everyone here is amazing, I feel very comfortable walking in and I feel like I get amazing personal treatment. I would say you have to go to Reflections. I love that place and I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else.”

Liquid Facelift Results NJ
Click the image above to see her before and after results (and additional angles).
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