“I’ve always been insecure about how dark my under eyes are, and it was always very, very difficult to cover it up with makeup.”

Julia is Dr. Renata Wix-Harris‘s daughter. She came in for her first-ever filler injections for her 21st birthday, performed by her mother who as cosmetic physician who specializes in natural-looking filler injections. She had previously had Botox for her TMJ, which we also topped-off at this appointment.

Julia, like so many young women, suffered from genetic dark circles – meaning this isn’t from natural aging or allergies, it’s a tear trough deformity that she’s had for years, if not her whole life. This kind of indentation under the eyes creates shadows in the face that makeup simply cannot cure. Filler is a great choice for patients like her because once we smooth out that deep circle, the darkness tends to completely resolve. You can see that is the case for her in these photos with no makeup on, and that when she does apply makeup, it’s an even more flawless look.

View All of Julia’s Under Eye Filler Before & Afters Here

“I was a little nervous going into this that it would hurt… but as you can see in the video, I really didn’t feel anything and it was a very pleasant experience.”

Julia had Botox before, but she was worried that it would be uncomfortable to watch the needles going into her skin under her eyes, or that it might be painful. However, she said she was surprised that it was very much a painless treatment, and even though most patients do have swelling the next day, she did not.

Watch Her Entire Procedure, as Narrated by Her Doctor Here:

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