Our patient Bibiana came to Reflections Center because she wanted to restore and maintain a lifted and youthful look. However, her priority was to ensure that results look as natural as possible.

Bibiana has naturally full, prominent cheeks, so our physicians agreed that injections were the wrong choice for her. Injecting dermal fillers in patients who already have natural volume results in an “overfilled” look that is far from subtle. In fact, overfilling the cheeks can result in sagging and an aged appearance, the opposite of what Bibiana wanted. To make sure that Bibiana achieved the natural yet refreshed look she was going for, we used a fairly new technology known as Nova PDO Threads. This provides a lift in the cheek area without overfilling.

Bibiana’s Nova PDO Threads Results

To create a more youthful and refreshed look, Bibiana needed some “lifting” action, but she didn’t need any added volume, which is why Nova PDO Threads were the perfect choice for her. After her swelling subsided, she still looks like herself, but more youthful with a subtle lift in the cheek area.

“I feel very refreshed. I feel like it wasn’t an extreme look, but it feels and looks softer, smoother. I just feel really good.”

PDO threads dissolve under the skin in about 6-12 months, allowing her results to last for a year or more. This is because the threads stimulate new collagen production, offering a long-lasting, youthful look.

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