Coolsculpting Review: I Threw Out My Spanx!

A Working Model Shows Off Her Amazing Abs After CoolSculpting at Reflections Center In the video above, you’ll hear about Danielle Lupo’s experience with CoolSculpting – and you’ll get to see her treatment and view her before & after photos.  When patient Danielle first came in for a consultation, she was concerned about the stubborn […]

Natural Looking Botox: Georgia’s Botox Experience with Dr. Chasin

I’ve said to Dr. Chasin “Dr. Chasin, I hate this. Do you think I need this? Or what about that?” and he will look at me and he will say “it’s not time, you’re fine the way you are.” And I love that because that allows me to be me, naturally, but just a little […]

Could Less Botox Give You Better Results?

Can Less Botox Make You Happier? Kelly’s Experience with Dr. Chasin

As the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Botox patients have many providers to choose from. Unfortunately, less educated or skilled injectors often over-inject Botox, yielding unnatural, unsatisfactory results. This was true for our patient Kelly before she came to Reflections Center. She shared her story with us in this video, and explained why she’s happier […]

Experience Getting Fillers & botox during Coronavirus

First Time Getting Lip Filler After COVID Quarantine: Our Patient’s Review

During this pandemic, we’re prioritizing our patients’ health and safety by taking multiple precautions. For this patient, her first time getting injectables after we reopened from the shutdown — both Baby Botox Injections and Lip fillers — felt safe and comfortable, and her results look excellent as always. “I felt very safe coming here.” “It’s […]