Removing Tattooed Freckles That Turned Out Too Dark & Unnatural

One of our patients came in with regrets about the freckles she had tattooed on her face. The tattoo artist had used black ink instead of brown, making the freckles look very unnatural and dark, especially for a fair-skinned blonde (whose natural freckles would likely be much more reddish-brown). We used our PiQo4 picosecond laser […]

Tribal Tattoo Removal at Reflections Center: Illicia’s Story

“It was just something I didn’t want to have any longer. When I put on a bathing suit it was kind of an eyesore” Illicia came to Reflections Center and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chasin to have tattoos removed. She says “I have a few tattoos that I got when I was at the […]