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Should You Get the Foxy Eyes Thread Lift? A Cosmetic Doctor Weighs In

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What You Need to Know About the Fox Eye Trend

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the fox eye look trending. A slightly upturned eye shape, also called a cat eye, first became popular in Russia and is now exploding in popularity among supermodels and Instagram influencers. If you don’t have this eye shape naturally, you can achieve it and keep up with the trend through a fox eye lift, a thread lift procedure that is becoming more and more common here in the U.S., and is available exclusively with Dr. Wix-Harris at Reflections Center in New Jersey.

What is the Fox Eye Lift?

This procedure is a type of lateral brow lift procedure, which is a type of brow lift that has been used in plastic surgery for many years on older patients who are experiencing brow drooping, but the Foxy Eyes Lift is a bit different in that:

  1. It’s generally being done on younger patients who don’t have any drooping occurring, but are rather looking to change the shape of the brow and upper eyelid
  2. It’s being performed with an injected type of PDO dissolving suture, which means:
    1. The result lasts for about 6-12 months, unlike permanent surgical sutures typically used in lateral browlifts
    2. There is no anesthesia, just a few numbing injections placed in the area, much like the numbing used when a cavity is filled
    3. There’s no real recovery like in surgery, although patients generally take 24-48 hours off from work, as you will experience some minor swelling

This look is trendy at the moment, with the look seen among many supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, as well as other celebrities, but we all know trends come and go. So it’s good that this procedure is not permanent, and after 6-12 months, the sutures will break down, causing the body to build more collagen in their stead, which will leave patients with youthful-looking brows, but not nearly the dramatic arch the procedure creates. Of course, it can be repeated to create the cat-eye effect again, if patients wish.

Thread Fox Eye Lift Procedure Details

In general, thread lifts use a dissolving type of thread, with barbs or cones, that lift the skin. In the case of thread brow lifts, which includes the Fox Eyes Lift, these threads are injected into the brow tissue and run upwards towards the hairline to create a natural-looking lift. These threads are inserted into the deepest layers of the skin so that they are not visible to others, even when you make facial expressions.

For this procedure, Reflections Center uses MINT threads, or Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Threads. MINT threads are made of a complex sugar molecule and dissolve over time after being placed, creating a result that lasts around 6-12 months. These threads are also FDA approved, so patients can rest assured that they are completely safe to use.

A thread fox eye lift subtly lifts the tail of the brow to shift the overall shape of the eye and brow. Using this technique, also known as a lateral brow lift, the outer third of the eyebrow is lifted – and the amount of lift created can be adjusted to create a more or less dramatic look, based on the individual’s preferences. The lateral brow lift was originally intended to address sagging in the outer area of the brow, which tends to occur early in the aging process, but is now popular among younger patients too.

How Much Does a Fox Eyes Thread Lift Cost?

At either of our New Jersey offices, a Foxy Eyes brow lift using MINT threads costs about $1,200-1,500, depending upon the number of threads required to achieve your goal results.

Should I Get Fox Eyes? Will It Suit My Face?

The fox eye look is beautiful on many patients, but it doesn’t suit all face shapes and may look out of place with certain facial features. During a free consultation, Dr. Wix-Harris will evaluate your facial features and advise whether or not the fox eye would suit your natural features and enhance your look. If not, she may recommend other options that will help you look refreshed and flatter your natural beauty.