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Study: Baby Boomers Love Their Cosmetic Surgery

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Just because you act your age it doesn’t mean you  have to look it. According to a recent  study, men and women over the age of fifty are more fixated on their appearance than ever before.

A survey, administered by UK’s Saga Magazine, interviewed 10,000 people. The findings showed that baby boomers of both genders show a high interest in plastic surgery, wrinkle reduction and fake tanning. reports that people over the age of 50 are 10 times more likely to use fake tanner or tanning beds and 14 times more likely to use wrinkle reduction products. Not only that, in one generation the frequency of cosmetic surgery has nearly doubled.

The study also found that the annual spending on cosmetics for the 50+ crowd has increased from $2.8 billion to $3.3 billion in one decade. Fifteen percent of women over fifty admitted to wearing padded bras—5 times as many as the previous generation.

So what is driving this trend of aging vanity? Perhaps it is because cosmetic surgery has become more mainstream and accepted than in previous generations. Celebrities like Kim Cattrall and Jane Fonda are also putting a new face to the phrase “aging gracefully.”

“Cosmetic surgery is not such the taboo it might once have been, and for the over-50s it is certainly an option,” Saga Magazine editor Emma Soames told The Daily Mail.

There are a plethora of treatments available to reduce the signs of aging in women over the age of 50. Botox and dermal fillers are very popular non-invasive treatments, while blepharoplasty and facelifts top the list for plastic surgery. At Reflections Center for Skin & Body in New Jersey, we have an array treatment options available to create a customized rejuvenation plan for any age.