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Surgeon unveils tips on cosmetic procedures for brides-to-be

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A woman’s wedding day is one that she will want to remember forever. That’s why so many brides are looking to cosmetic procedures in order to ensure that they are looking their best when all eyes and cameras are on them.

According to Jagdev Heir, a cosmetic surgeon based in Sacramento, an elegant figure and flawless skin are what most women are hoping to achieve for their big day.

“Brides are choosing procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, Botox, collagen and other injectables and fillers,” he explained.

He said that a typical bridal party may spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to prep for the ceremony, and urged newlyweds-to-be to plan ahead before doing so. In order to ensure the highest satisfaction, brides should seek advice from a trusted skin specialist and schedule procedures well ahead of the wedding date, so as to be fully healed for the big day.

Doing careful research on different types of cosmetic surgery is a good idea. Heir advises women not to make hasty decisions, and to do what is right for their appearance in the long run, rather than focusing only on the wedding.

Planning ahead and talking to a qualified professional can help brides look picture perfect when they say “I do.”