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Fixing a Gummy Smile Using Botox

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A gummy smile is one cosmetic concern that many people have – but don’t know can be treated very easily. If you’re wondering about your options for treating a gummy smile, you might not be aware that Botox is one of the best treatments for this concern. Botox has a staggering number of alternative uses, so fortunately, you don’t have to jump into expensive ortho treatments if you have a gummy smile – here is what to know about Botox for a gummy smile with Dr. Michelle Ellern here at Reflections Center.

What is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is where too much of the gum tissue shows above the teeth when you smile. There are a variety of causes, but one of the main causes is the muscles that go to work when you smile or express. In this case, the muscles around the upper lip can pull up too much. This causes an imbalance between the appearance of the teeth and gums and, in some cases, even cause the teeth to vanish entirely.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

Some things that can cause a gummy smile include having too much gum tissue or a misalignment of the jaws. But the most common and easily treatable cause of a gummy smile is an overactive muscle. This tends to be genetic and affects certain people over others. So, if you have a gummy smile, if may seem like there’s nothing to be done – fortunately, that’s not the case! In fact, if your gummy smile is caused by overactive muscles, it’s easily treatable with the help of a cosmetic physician.

How Does Botox Treat a Gummy Smile?

Botox works by blocking movement signals in the muscles. When we use it for cosmetic treatment in areas like the eyes or brow, it can smooth wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles that cause them. The same is the case for a gummy smile – by reducing activity in the muscles around the mouth, an experienced cosmetic physician can adjust your smile accordingly. This prevents the muscle from pulling up too much and brings the upper lip down further, balancing the overall look of your smile.

When Can’t Botox Fix a Gummy Smile?

Botox for a gummy smile only works when an overactive muscle is involved. For this reason, we always recommend consulting an experienced cosmetic physician who can look at how your mouth moves and determine the appropriate injection points and dosages. Our award-winning team can go over your options during a consultation and recommend the best way to approach your goals.

Botox for a Gummy Smile at Reflections Center

At Reflections Center, our team includes some of the most skilled Botox providers in the world. During a complimentary consultation, we can help you explore the many uses of Botox and how you can benefit. To schedule an appointment, contact our Bridgewater and Livingston, NJ offices today by calling or filling out our online form.