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Thread Lifts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding A Cosmetic Physician

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So, you want to get thread lifts. You’ve considered your options and maybe even spoken with a friend or two. Before you get in the chair, however, it’s important to take a close second look at your search results and your chosen practice. Thread lifts have become a hot topic in the past few years, and for good reason. Because of that, however, it can be easy to fall into some bad results and shady practices. The reality is that thread lifts don’t require much in the way of certifications or experience to perform, so there’s not much guarantee that every doctor who offers thread lifts knows what they’re doing!

At Reflections, we uphold our reputation as a reliable and experienced provider of different thread lift options. With the right cosmetic physician and thread lift options, you can enjoy excellent results with this minimally-invasive option. That’s why we’re passionate about helping patients achieve effective, safe results with a few key factors. As you vet your search results and find the right provider in your area, here are some things to keep in mind.

Do find a cosmetic physician with experience in more than one thread lift

There’s more than one type of thread lift on the market, so it’s important that you find a cosmetic physician who is experienced in multiple types of thread lifts, like the Silhouette InstaLiftNova Threads and Mint Threads. This comes with a couple benefits— firstly, it allows your cosmetic physician to recommend the best possible options for your goals since they have the expertise in more than one type of thread lift. This ensures you’ll get the best treatment for you, even if your research tells you that you need something else! Secondly, finding a cosmetic physician who has experience in more than one type of thread lift means that your cosmetic physician has put in the effort to learn the ins and outs of each type, and experience is definitely what you’ll want when it comes to your provider. For example, if your chosen practice offers only one type of thread lift and the rest of their services menu is made up of injectables and topical skincare treatments, you should consider thread lifts to be their side gig where they likely haven’t invested much of their time and skills. A cosmetic physician who makes thread lifts a regular part of their daily treatment workload will be your best bet for achieving natural, worthwhile results.

Don’t opt for “lunchtime” thread lifts

If the practice you’ve chosen is making promises about how you can get a thread lift on your lunch hour for quick, easy, rejuvenated results, this is a huge red flag. That’s because great thread lift results require a little more time and expertise. If your chosen practice is promising lower-cost thread lift procedures that take an hour or less, you can rest assured that the person performing it is going to cut some corners. Proper thread lifts take much longer to ensure that you get best results without too much damage to the surrounding tissues, which can cause swelling and bruising if not properly handled. It also takes a careful, methodical hand to produce rejuvenating results and lift the skin in natural and flattering ways. A rush job can mean less than ideal results, and can wind up being more expensive in the long run when you need more treatments to correct it. Additionally, cheap thread lifts usually means that costs are being cut somewhere along the line, whether it’s materials or even the person performing the treatment. If you meet with a board certified cosmetic physician but someone less qualified is the one performing the treatment, this should be cause for concern— even if it is cheaper. When it comes to your face, don’t go straight for the easiest option!

Do pick a board certified cosmetic physician

Even though thread lifts are often marketed as minimally-invasive, it’s still just that— invasive. When it comes to these types of procedures, having a board certified cosmetic physician on hand who can intervene and minimize the risks is a must. While “board certified” may seem like only a fancy catch phrase, board certification can be the single most thing that sets your cosmetic physician apart from every other provider. The truth is that many doctors complete medical school, residency, and general exams before going into practice— but are not board certified. Some doctors, most commonly those in fields like dermatology, cosmetic surgery, or laser technology, choose to complete additional steps to become board certified. This comes with some weighty guarantees— firstly, that your cosmetic physician has completed further training specific to their chosen field (like cosmetic medicine). Secondly, this means that they’ve taken a multi-day exam on their specialty. Lastly, maintaining their board certification means that they are beholden to ethics and high standards of practice set by their specialty board, as well as continuing education on the latest developments in their field. In short, you can find a doctor to perform your thread lift, but a board certified cosmetic physician will have specific training in thread lift and cosmetic treatment techniques. And if a board certified cosmetic physician will provide the best possible results for your treatments, then why settle for less?

Don’t be okay with just a thread lift

Your cosmetic journey doesn’t end when your cosmetic physician sends you home. Even with minimally-invasive treatments, there’s some recovery involved, and it’s important to have a knowledgeable cosmetic physician on-hand to consult on any complications or questions you might have. Additionally, the right practice which has a variety of treatment options can help optimize your results with a treatment plan customized to you and your treatment goals. Your chosen provider should be able to give you a full timeline of your recovery and what to expect, as well as recommend the right treatment options in the future to maintain your results and tackle your specific concerns. If your provider is content to send you on your way without being available for questions or recommending ways to optimize your aftercare, then you can assume that they’re not very interested in a long-term relationship (which you should definitely look for in a cosmetic physician!)

Why Reflections is your best thread lift provider

At Reflections, our team of board certified cosmetic physicians specialize in a variety of thread lift options and can create the ideal treatment plan for you. Our approach includes not just a single treatment, but a long-term plan for achieving and maintaining your anti-aging and skincare goals. Our team includes some of the top-rated cosmetic treatment providers in the New Jersey area and have a proven track record of exceptional, flattering results. No matter which thread lift option you opt for, you can rest assured you’ll benefit from our cosmetic physicians’ comprehensive approach to thorough treatment, excellent techniques, and long-term anti-aging results.

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The best way to learn more about your thread lift options is by meeting with our award-winning team of cosmetic physicians who can create the ideal plan for your concerns and goals. At Reflections, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of treatment options for your concerns using the latest techniques and technologies with the highest standards of care in the New Jersey area. To schedule a consultation and get started, we invite you to contact our Martinsville and Livingston offices by calling or filling out our online form.