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Three non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment Options for Smoother Summer Skin

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Summer’s has officially arrived here in New Jersey, which means (ready or not) it’s off with the sweatshirts and on with the swimsuits. It’s the time of year when women and men look for solutions to aesthetic problems that are out of sight and out of mind during the colder months.

If there’s one thing our female patients clam or for during the summer, it’s cellulite treatment.

They say that 85% of women suffer from cellulite, and the other 15% think they have it! It’s a hereditary problem that just about every so-called “cellulite treatment” – be it a wrap, a lotion or a potion – has no effect on, despite the promises made by the many cellulite treatment products found in every seedy corner of the Internet.

Exercise and weight loss can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but ultimately, it’s the basic structure under the skin that causes the unsightly lumps and bumps we associate with the condition.

Fortunately, there are a handful of non-invasive cellulite treatment alternatives that can reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite by shrinking fat cells and remodeling the fibrous tissue structures that create the pockets of fat on the thighs and buttocks.

VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment that combines infrared light, radio frequency energy and kneading of the tissue. The procedure typically takes place once a week for six weeks, and results are noticeable almost immediately, becoming most apparent about six to eight weeks after the last treatment.

Thermage is a cellulite treatment that uses radio frequency energy to heat fat deposits under the skin. Thermage only requires a single, one-hour treatment. The result is tighter, smoother skin with results that continue to improve for up to six months after treatment.

Exillis is another highly effective treatment. It uses radio frequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin. This increases metabolic activity, which in turn shrinks fat cells and stimulates the skin’s collagen network to tighten the treated area. Exillis is administered in a series of three to six comfortable treatments.

Beyond these non-invasive procedures, Cellulaze is a minimally invasive cellulite treatment that places a laser fiber under the skin to zap cellulite at its source, leaving the skin looking smoother and healthier is a single 90-minute session.

Don’t sweat it if you’re having trouble deciding which cellulite treatment is right for you. Our expert doctors will help you work through the options to find the one that best fits your individual needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.Before you know it, you’ll be saying “so long” to that sarong!