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Three Options to Thin That Double Chin

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As we age, our slowing metabolism can manifest itself in many different ways, some less appealing than others. A double chin is the result of fat that has accumulated in the lower face. If you are wondering how to sculpt a leanr, firmer neck, you now have many options for improving your profile.

Technological advancements in healthcare have brought us two options that do not require surgery. One is ThermiRF, a non-surgical double chin reduction procedure that tightens the skin where age and gravity have taken their toll. The ThermiRF treatment delivers its skin-rejuvenating energy via a thin wand that is placed under the skin. Because the energy doesn’t pass through the tender upper layers of skin, ThermiRF can deliver results that over-the-skin laser treatments like Ultherapy or Thermage might not be able to achieve.2*

Another treatment option to remove double chins the recently FDA approved injectable Kybella. Kybella is a series of treatments, which work to reduce fat and cause skin to retract.1*

The final way to go is a laser liposuction. It’s the most invasive of the three options listed here, but the additional fat removal provided through suction is the right call for men and women who have significant pockets of fat in their lower faces. In addition to suctioning the unwanted fat away, the energy from the laser also stimulates skin tightening. This, in combination with the fat removal, can help reduce a double chin and create a nicely re-contoured lower face.3*

Some patients that want double chin reduction might also be a candidate for a mini facelift, which is performed under Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia, meaning there’s no need for (and the risks and costs associated with) general anesthesia.

Whatever the case, the road to double chin reduction starts with a conversation with one of our physicians, who will pair you with the treatment that best fits your particular needs and your cosmetic goals. Call (973) 740-2444 to schedule your consultation today!


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