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Top Five Technologies for Getting a Beach-Ready Body

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That groaning sound you hear is winter finally releasing its icy grip on poor New Jersey.  Before you know it, we’ll be headed for the pool, to the lake, or down the shore for some much-deserved fun in the sun (after we’ve liberally applied sunscreen, of course!).

If you’re looking to give your bod a boost before revealing it to the world, we’ve got you covered. Reflections has made it our business to assemble to best, most worthwhile fat-reducing, cellulite-smoothing, skin-tightening technologies out there.

Here are five good ones (in alphabetical order) that’ll help you start the season with confidence:

CellulazeCellulaze is like laser liposuction’s cousin who’s totally obsessed with one thing – targeting cellulite!  Just like laser liposuction, a Cellulaze procedure involves numbing the treatment area, making a few tiny incisions (we’re talking millimeters here) and comfortably slipping a laser fiber under the skin to do wonderful things.  The energy delivered by Cellulaze melts away bulges of fat, releases the fibrous bands that creates those nasty dimples, and helps to give the skin additional depth, minimizing the appearance of the little peaks and valleys that lie beneath.  Cellulaze is performed in a single treatment while you’re awake, comfortable and dreaming about walking down the beach without your sarong!

CoolSculptingCoolSculpting offers a truly innovative approach to reducing fat – as the name implies, it freezes it away!  Unwanted bulges and bumps are suctioned in-between two cooling plates in the device’s treatment tip and are cooled to a precise temperature that crystallizes fat cells, but leaves surrounding tissue healthy and happy.  Over time, these cells are taken away by the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms, leaving the area with up to 25 percent less fat than before.  Most people load up a couple of movies on their iPad and do four one-hour CoolSculpting cycles, which provides very nice results (and a little well-deserved “me time”). *

EXILISEXILIS is a skin-tightening marvel, helping to firm up loose and sagging skin all over the body.  Results come after a series of comfortable treatments where a hand piece is passed over the skin repeatedly, gently warming it to a temperature that stimulates the skin’s collagen network.  EXILIS can be used on the belly, thighs, hips, upper arms, bra area – even the face – to help shore things up for a trip to…wait for it…the shore!

Laser Liposuction – If you’ve had laser liposuction, then your friends are jealous (even if they don’t know you had it done!) because they’ve seen the wonderful results this treatment provides. Laser lipo is a minimally invasive procedure where a laser fiber and tiny cannulas are used under the skin to melt away fat and gently suction it away. It’s performed under local anesthesia, so you’re awake and comfortable for the procedure. Most people who get treated on a Thursday are back to their busy lives by the time Monday morning rolls around.  Our patients love laser lipo because of the great results it provides – it’s a truly transformative procedure.

VelaShape – VelaShape is a name you might have heard, and for good reason.  This totally non-invasive cellulite treatment has been popular for years, and thanks to constant redevelopment and refinement, it’s currently more powerful and comfortable than ever.  VelaShape uses a combination of radio-frequency energy, infra red light and mechanical massaging to smooth and tighten the skin.  It’s popular series of treatments that are super comfy and require exactly zero downtime.

These are just five of the many ways in which modern technology can help you get beach-ready for this coming summer.  Not sure what’s right for you?  That’s where we come in.  Give us a shout and we’ll help you figure out which one of these tried and true technologies will have you looking your best when the summer sun is shining.

It can’t get here soon enough!!

*Results may vary by individual. No procedure is the right choice for all patients, or all circumstances. An in-person consultation is the best way to find out what treatments are your best options to achieve your goals.