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Why Natural Looking Results Are So Important

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We recently put up our first-ever billboard on top of Sam’s in Livingston.  We knew one thing while we were hashing out ideas for headlines – we wanted to emphasize that we provide our patients with noticeable, but natural looking results.

One suggestion was:

“Don’t look like one of the “Housewives” just look “Real.”

While topical and clever, most everyone we talked to found it repellent, because they want NOTHING to do with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, even if it was a joke.  As a billboard is supposed to create awareness of a business, not an aversion to it, we quickly changed our tune and went with what you see in the picture:

Don’t look “done” just look really, really good.

We focused on this for one very good reason – it’s what most women want – to look like their natural selves, just more vibrant and youthful – and it’s what we do better than anyone, because it’s what Dr. Chasin believes in.

Physicians who practice aesthetic medicine use an increasingly powerful set of tools – lasers that can reverse the signs of aging on your skin, new kinds of dermal fillers that can replace skin volume lost to time, and Botox and other dermal modulators that can make dynamic lines and wrinkles disappear.

While it’s easy to change the way people look with these tools (for better or worse depending on where you go), it’s a whole other thing to make someone look younger and more vital, and do it in a way that leaves no traces that anything was ever done.   In other words, it takes a lot of skill and effort to make someone look really, really good, and not “done.”

But we think it’s worth all the investment in technology, all the courses we attend and the countless hours honing our craft.

Why?  Because sometimes we get cookies.

Check out this wonderful little card that a happy patient recently sent to us. Actually, she sent two, one to each of our offices along with batches of amazing gourmet cookies.

We hear this a lot around here – that we’ve made a positive impact in someone’s life.  It never gets old.

And, honestly, we never would get cards like this (or the awesome cookies) if we weren’t dedicated to making people look like their best, most refreshed selves.

And that means providing them with natural results, which is what we do best.

And now you know why.