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Your Chances of Having Hips like Barbie? 1 in 2 (Billion!)

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An interesting infographic was recently created by examining the differences in body measurements between Barbie, fashion models and the average American woman.

While it’s been know for some time that Barbie has unrealistic physical proportions, it’s still cool to see just how unrealistic they are.

For instance, a woman’s chances of having chest measurements like a model are 1 in 3, while measuring up to Barbie’s bosom is 1 in 13.

Your chances of having a waist-to-hip size ratio like a model are 1 in 2, while having a  hip-to-waist ratio like Barbie is 1 in 3,331,259.

Your chances of matching Barbie get even slimmer when looking at her 16″ waist – there’s a 1 in 2,478,756,621 chance that you’ll match her, and that would likely cost you a rib or two!

Overall, your chances of measuring up to a fashion model are 1 in 4, while your chances of being like Barbie are 1 in billions of billions – impossible!

That’s not to say that some don’t try, like creepy Russian “living doll” Valeria Lukyanova (pictured above), who calls herself the Human Barbie. There’s been quite a bit of debate whether or not this Internet sensation has had lots (and lots and lots) of cosmetic surgery or is a genius with the make up brush or is some kind of Photoshop wizard.

At any rate, the Human Barbie shows us being a living doll is more unsettling than sexy – give us a REAL woman any day!

Check out the infographic below for more crazy Barbie measurements.

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