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Consultations are offered at our two convenient locations in Livingston, NJ and Martinsville, NJ.

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“About two weeks after her injections, she saw softened lines and wrinkles without the “Spock brows” of her previous treatments. “He hit a home run,” she says of Dr. Chasin’s Botox injections. “I’m so happy with it already, and it’s only been two weeks.” (please note: Botox takes 2 weeks to take full effect).”

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“Dr. Wix-Harris is fabulous. She's appealing and charming and knowledgeable and kind and gentle.”

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100% Dedicated To Aesthetic Medicine. Why Trust Your Appearance To Anyone Else?

We know your skin and body are completely unique, and we partner with you to create a safe and effective treatment plan that’s customized to your particular cosmetic desires. This not includes your skin type, age, and other physical factors, but also your ability for downtime and your budget.

We are known to say “no” when a patient wants a treatment that isn’t right for them because we value our long-term relationships with our patients. Because there are so many who give false hope in this industry, we are committed to being the practice that cuts through the fluff and tells you the truth and science behind the art of cosmetic improvements.

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