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Acne Scars Injections

Acne scars can be one of the toughest skin concerns to get rid of. However, at Reflections Center, we consider it our specialty.

Acne scar removal is often a frustrating and long process full of various lasers and treatments that take months for the results to finalize. But injections offer immediate improvement that can be dramatic.

Acne Scar Injections Quick Facts

  • Immediate results that are long-lasting
  • Little to no downtime
  • Less expensive than lasers or RF microneedling

The Best Acne Scar Injection Treatments

Injectable treatments have become a big part of what we do at Reflections. Like all of our injection treatments, these are performed exclusively by trained physicians who not only provide important insights about which options will work best for your specific needs, but can also provide treatments that are not legally allowed to be provided by nurses or other practitioners.

These are just our injections for acne scars. You may wish to explore the full range of acne scars treatments we offer on this page.

Filler Injections With Or Without Subcision

Filler is frequently used to smooth out indented acne scars. Subcision involves breaking up the scar tissue that often tethers these scars to the fascia below. By doing both in one session, you can get a great, almost-instant result that’s affordable and lasts for many, many years. There is a small possibility of swelling and bruising with any filler injection, but adding in subcision for acne scars makes this possibility much greater. Should you end up with a bruise, we do offer complementary vBeam treatments for our patients to speed up the healing time.

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HA Rejuve™ Micro-Injected Glutathione & Hyaluronic Acid for Acne Scar Resurfacing

HA Rejuve™ is available exclusively at Reflections Centers, and involves the use of a proprietary computer-assisted microneedling system that injects precise amounts of serum at precise depths within the skin. In this procedure, the serum contains both glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that resurfaces the skin from the inside out, and hyaluronic acid filler, which smooths the skin for a long-lasting result.

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Concentrated Platelet Injections With RF Microneedling or Regular Microneedling

Concentrated platelet injections make the most of the growth and healing factors in your own blood for a faster and better healing response after any resurfacing treatment. We most typically use these in combination with microneedling for acne scars, as the microneedling helps physically break up scar tissue and is safe on all skin types.

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We prefer RF microneedling which offers the upgrade of RF heat energy delivered through the tips of the needles to spur the body to create new skin and increased collagen. We find this offers much better results than traditional microneedling, especially for acne scars.

We also prefer to both inject the concentrated platelet serum and to apply it topically through the channels opened up by the microneedling. By injecting it, we ensure it reaches the deeper layers of the skin where scarring is often present, and this gives much better results versus topical application alone (which we often see others doing).

Compare Options For Acne Scars Injections

We approach acne scars treatment by first understanding what type of scarring you have. There are four different types of acne scars, and most people have a combination of 2-4 of these.

Treatment Cost Invasiveness Downtime How It Works
HA filler injections (lift & smooth indented scars) $750-$1000 per syringe Injectable procedure with numbing agents mixed in. Subscision can be utlized in addition to filler injection Swelling and bruising possible but typically very mild Filler is injected beneath indented scars to lift them up to better match with the surrounding skin, creating a smoother surface to the skin


$400 to $1500, depending upon complexity and scale Mimimally invasive disruption of tethered tissue Mimimally invasive disruption of tethered tissue Tethered scar tissue is released and broken up, then filler is injected beneath indented scars to lift them up to better match with the surrounding skin, creating a smoother surface to the skin

Concentrated Platelet Therapy

$400 to $800 as an add-on to a resurfacing procedure Injectable Procedure With No Numbing Required; Numbing Cream and Injections Available by Request Swelling and bruising possible but typically very mild Boosts the results of scar remodeling procedures and reduces the downtime length and intensity
HA Rejuve™ Micro-Injected Glutathione & Hyaluronic Acid $1250 to $1750, depending on scale & complexity Minimally invasive, mild swelling, bruising possible 1-3 days possible due to potential bruising Computerized device microneedles hyaluronic acid & glutathione to a precise, predetermined depth to smooth scars
Biostimulatory fillers that stimulate collagen (Sculptra & Radiesse) $850 to 1050 per syringe/vial, more than one may be required Injectable procedure with no numbing required; numbing cream and injections available by request 1-2 days possible Biostimulatory injections stimulate body to produce new collagen to smooth and firm the skin; sometimes used in combination with resurfacing procedure

Kenalog steroid injections

$100 to $150 per injection Injectable procedure with no numbing required; numbing cream and injections available by request Usually none Specifically for raised keloid and hypertrophic scarring, calms down body's scarring reaction

Frequently Asked Questions About Acne Scars Injections

  • What is the downtime for acne scar fillers?

    There’s minimal downtime needed for any filler treatment. You may have some minor swelling and bruising, but it’s typically very mild and won’t affect the rest of your day.

  • How many syringes does it typically take to treat acne scars?

    This typically depends on factors like the depth of each scar, how many are present, and more. Most patients require 1-2 syringes for treatment.

  • What is the best aesthetic procedure for acne scars?

    At Reflections, we offer a few different options and most often recommend a combination approach to treatment for best results. Two of our most recommended options include injectable fillers and RF microneedling paired with PRP or exosomes. Depending on the type of scars, we frequently perform TCA cross and subcision.

  • How many syringes for acne scars?

    Most patients use between one and two syringes of filler to treat acne scars.

  • How long does acne scar treatment take to heal?

    For most acne scar treatments, you can return to your regular schedule right away. However, for more invasive options like subcision or microneedling, you may have minimal downtime.

Our Patients’ Stories & Reviews for Acne Scar Injections Treatments in NJ

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“I have multiple types of scars on my face-adult acne with ice pick scars and tethering scars....He performed this one month ago and my results are show-stopping - I now have soft, smooth skin and it's only been 5 weeks. I will continue to get more improvements over the next 8 months....”

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“After losing a significant amount of weight twice, I lost a lot of volume on my face. On top of that, I had acne scarring. He recommends the RF micro needling along with fillers and my face has regained its volume and the scarring is noticeably better. I am so grateful to him and his team. He really helped me regain confidence and I HIGHLY recommend him.”

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“I have visited doctors in the past promising me perfection with additional procedures and upselling, and this was not the case at all with Reflections.”

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Why Choose Reflections Center For Your Acne Scar Injectable Treatments

Reflections Center is home to a team of skilled physicians, each of whom are highly-sought-after experts in specific aspects of cosmetic treatments.

Always See Your Doctor

We believe physicians make the best care providers, not because a nurse cannot perform a treatment well, but because a doctor understands the diagnostic nuances of whether that treatment will be the very best for you, given where you are in your journey and your preferences. Doctors also have more treatments they can legally and safely provide, they are more open to make that judgment, and can easily transition you to the best option at any given moment.

Always Be Treated by a Doctor

The only injectors at our office are physicians with years of experience injecting patients. We only hire the most capable providers, and we hold their care to a very high standard. We believe this is the best way to ensure our patients’ investment in themselves pays off.

Options to Fit Not Only Your Specific Needs, But Your Wants Too – Like Budget, Downtime, and Maintenance

Because you’ll have a team of doctors at your disposal, and because that team is armed with the region’s widest array of treatment technologies, you’ll get to pick and choose (along with guidance from our physicians) which treatments work best for you – not just for your goals, but also for your lifestyle, budget, and other preferences.


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Dr. Mitchell Chasin is a Cosmetic & Laser Physician at Reflections Center. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.