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Sofwave™ Ultrasound Skin Tightening & Lifting

Sofwave is a new type of non-surgical lifting and tightening procedure for face, neck, and chest(decolletage).

Sofwave is a new type of non-surgical lifting and tightening procedure for face, neck, and chest(decolletage).

Sofwave is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to lift, tighten, and tone the face and skin. It improves lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. There are no needles, no numbing, no downtime, and no restrictions to skin types with Sofwave.

Sofwave is a revolutionary non-surgical facelift alternative that’s more affordable than almost anything else (including threads, liquid facelift, Ulthera, and Thermage) and has no downtime, no needles, and no anesthesia. It makes use of new technology: high frequency, low-divergence ultrasound to target the mid-dermis, or the middle layers of the skin, where collagen support starts to break down during the natural aging process. Sofwave uses a synchronous ultrasound parallel beam and turns on your body’s natural collagen-building process (which is slowly turning itself off starting in our 30s).

Sofwave™ Quick Facts

  • Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts and tightens skin
  • Tones and firms skin, restoring youthful elasticity
  • Lifting of facial features that have started to sag or droop (brows, cheeks, jowls, jawline, neck, etc.)

What Can Sofwave™ Skin Tightening Treatment be Used For?

Sofwave for Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

Sofwave works to restore the collagen regeneration process that firms and tones skin – and it helps reduce wrinkles by improving that elasticity and restoring the bounce of youthful skin. Sofwave works best for wrinkles that are formed by repetitive movements, such as smiling, squinting, pursing your lips, etc. (crow’s feet and facial lines around the mouth, cheek, and undereye) versus those that are caused by volume loss, like deep folds around the mouth and jowls. This is because wrinkles caused by repetitive motion are just repeated bending and breaking down of collagen directly to the uppermost skin layer below that part of the skin’s surface, and when we can restore and repair that collagen, the skin looks smoother and more youthful.

Sofwave is a not spot treatment, like so many of our wrinkle-reduction treatments, but it does help remove wrinkles in a very natural and subtle way. The FDA has cleared Sofwave for the lifting of tissue when a second single treatment session is performed 4-8 weeks after the first. The second treatment provides a booster effect, which is very important when significant looseness is present.


  • Recovery & Downtime: None
  • Numbing: None
  • Cost: Discuss at your free consultation.
  • Candidacy: Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Duration: 1-2 years
  • Why We Love It: Impacted treatment zones stimulate natural collagen production for natural results.

Sofwave for Non-Surgical Facelift

If you are looking for a single treatment for the full face (or full face and neck) that will make a real impact but with no risk of unnatural-looking results and at an affordable price, then Sofwave is a treatment you need to know about.
Unlike so many non-surgical skin tightening treatments, Sofwave isn’t priced out by the area – it’s either full face or full face and neck. We’ll cover more about pricing below, but the important thing here is that you’re treating everything at once, so you don’t end up with just a cheek lift or just a brow lift – because that can be a bit unnatural-looking.


  • Recovery & Downtime: None
  • Numbing: None
  • Cost: Discuss at your free consultation.
  • Candidacy: Patients with mild to moderate loose skin
  • Duration: 1-2 years
  • Why We Love It: This is a great option for patients who do not yet need a surgical facelift.

Sofwave for Brow Lift & Eyelid Lift

One area we’re really happy to see that Sofwave produces great results for (because so few of the non-surgical treatments claim to create consistent changes for this area) is the brows and eyelids. This is one treatment that is included in our full-face treatments, and patients appreciate that it’s not just a brow lift or just a lower facelift – it’s a comprehensive approach to natural anti-aging.


  • Recovery & Downtime: None
  • Numbing: None
  • Cost: Discuss at your free consultation.
  • Candidacy: Patients with mild skin laxity and facial wrinkles
  • Duration: 1-2 years
  • Why We Love It: Reverse signs of aging with a natural look

Sofwave For Non-Surgical Necklift

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and just started to notice the skin at the center top of your neck is loose, Sofwave is one of the few treatments that can improve this concern, without surgery (or any needles for that matter). This is a very common complaint among our patients, so we thought it was worthwhile calling out separately, but Sofwave doesn’t treat just this area – it’s a treatment that covers the full neck and submental (under the chin) area. And that’s important because it means we’re not just treating the problem areas – we’re reinforcing and repairing all of the skin, for longer-lasting and more natural-looking results.


  • Recovery & Downtime: None
  • Numbing: None
  • Cost: Discuss at your free consultation.
  • Candidacy: Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Duration: 1-2 years
  • Why We Love It: Great option for patients with mild loose skin who don’t need surgery.

View More Sofwave Treatment Before & After Images

More Before & Afters

Why Choose Reflections Center for Sofwave Treatment?

There are a lot of other providers who will be offering Sofwave, as with most of the treatments we provide, so you might be wondering what makes our practice the right choice for you. First is that all our treatments, aesthetics and surgical, are performed by certified positions. Second is that Sofwave is just one of the dozens of non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatments we offer, which means we won’t be trying to push you towards Sofwave if it’s not the exact right treatment to help you achieve your goals, within your budget, and without disrupting your life.

There is no one best wrinkle treatment or facelift alternative – Sofwave has its best uses (and its worst). Having an arsenal of over 70 different technologies and lasers at our practices, along with a team of cosmetic physicians, means you’ll never have to settle when it comes to your cosmetic treatments at Reflections. Additionally, the healing response to Sofwave is minimal, so patients will not have to worry about serious adverse events.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Our skin surgery center offers free consultations with our cosmetic physicians where we will take the time to understand your concerns, goals, and lifestyle and then discuss options that fit all of those factors.

Planning For Your Sofwave Treatment

  • Before Treatment
  • Free Consultation

    A free consultation with a cosmetic physician is the best way to determine which treatment(s) are the right ones for you. A core reason we’re able to get great results for so many New Jersey men and women is that we hand-select treatments for each of them.

    Over 70 Lasers & Technologies To Choose From

    We have over 70 different laser and ultrasound technology-based treatments like Sofwave, and we know there’s no 1 technology that works best for everybody.

    Candidacy Discussion For Sofwave

    We base most patients’ selections on your skin tone and type, aging pattern, medical history, goals (big makeover or small tweaks?), deal-breakers (no surgery and no pain, please!), budget, and lifestyle needs (I can’t take more than 3 days off from work).

  • Treatment Timeline
  • Arrive Early

    On the day of treatment, you should plan to be in the office with us for about 45 minutes to an hour.

    Numbing Options for Sofwave

    There’s no need to numb for Sofwave, though we do have ProNox nitrous oxide available for those who may feel particularly nervous or anxious. ProNox clears out of the system within a matter of minutes, so it won’t inhibit your ability to drive yourself home afterward.

    30-45 Minute Treatment

    The actual duration of your treatment will be about 30-45 minutes, depending on which treatment areas you select.

  • After Treatment
  • Downtime Discussed In Consultation

    There’s really not any downtime with Sofwave – if you’re looking for something that not even your husband (or nosy co-workers) will know you’ve had done, this is it! We cover what to expect in more detail during the consultation, but this is pretty much it – it’s a very easy treatment to fit into even the busiest lives.

    Day 1 Recovery

    Redness is possible and may last up to an hour or so. Makeup can be re-applied immediately after some swelling is possible – though it’s very mild when it does happen – you’re more likely to feel slight soreness, but others won’t see it.

    Week 1 Recovery

    We’ve had a couple of patients mention firmness that lasted about a week – we believe this is mild swelling – and it’s pretty rare.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sofwave Treatment

    • When will I see results from Sofwave?

      With Sofwave, you’re building new collagen and elastin and that process starts to peak around 4-6 weeks and continues to develop for about 3-6 months, whether you’re talking about a laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound like Sofwave. Most patients will start to see some results around one month after treatment, though these will be small changes compared to the end result (around 12-24 weeks out).

    • Why is Sofwave so much less expensive than other similar devices (Thermage, Ulthera, ThermiTight, etc.)?

      This has to do with fees manufacturers charge to the doctors who perform them. Each time we use our Ulthera device (or Thermage or ThermiTight), our practice purchases a consumable from the manufacturer. Sometimes that’s a handpiece, or a tip but sometimes it’s simply loading a code into the machine for that one procedure. Sofwave’s fee-per-use is simply less expensive than their competitors and we can pass those savings on to our patients.

      Sofwave also targets multiple points with each pulse (8 to be exact), whereas Ulthera only targets 1 spot with each pulse – and that’s what makes Sofwave so much faster. There’s also a price to consider – Ulthera is more expensive (usually about 30-50% more expensive) so if you don’t need Ulthera, you’ll have a faster, more comfortable treatment at a lower price with Sofwave.

      If you’d like more details, check out our blog post comparing and contrasting Ulthera and Sofwave in detail.

    • Is Sofwave safer than Ultherapy?

      No, both Sofwave and Ulthera are very safe. What is not so safe – and sometimes masquerades as Ulthera – is HiFu, which is a technology that’s popular in Korea and makes use of ultrasound (just like Sofwave and Ulthera), but these devices are often manufactured in China and are not FDA-approved for safety. We believe many of the issues people claim have been caused by Ulthera have actually been caused by these off-brand devices that are being marketed as Ulthera. Feel free to ask us questions about this – unfortunately, we have treated several patients with complications after HiFU and fake Ulthera treatments.

    • How does Sofwave work?

      Sofwave directs seven high-frequency ultrasound beams through the skin to converge in a 3D grid at a depth of 1.5mm, creating a series of precise spots for targeted treatment. By not heating the surface of the skin, and not treating the entire tissue plane at 1.5mm depth, Sofwave is able to produce great results, do so with incredible safety and also without downtime.

    • Who is the best candidate for Sofwave treatment?

      The best candidates for Sofwave are those with mild to moderate skin quality issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles, rough or uneven texture, and mild sagging. For those who are looking to avoid more invasive procedures such as face lifts and neck lifts, the more gradual, discreet outcomes and non-invasive approach associated with Sofwave is the right treatment for them.

    • What does the recovery after sofwave look like?

      Sofwave may leave you a little red after treatment, but this dissipates very rapidly. Some patients report a firm feeling to the skin, but no visible swelling. Makeup can be worn right away. You do not need to take time off work, social activities, workouts, or even red-carpet appearances. It’s truly a no-downtime procedure.

    • What is the newest skin tightening procedure?

      Sofwave is the newest skin tightening and firming procedure. It became available in late 2020, and we’ve seen it replace Thermage and most Ultherapy treatments at our practice – at a much less expensive cost. Most patients report better results than with the older technologies!

    • What tightens skin naturally?

      The most effective skin tightening treatments are those that target the skin’s deep supporting collagen network, tightening up the existing fibers and prompting the growth of new fibers. Sofwave stimulates the skin to rebuild and remodel collagen and elastin using precisely targeted heat. As a result, the skin has greater support and naturally contracts, creating better definition.

    • What is the most effective skin tightening treatment available today?

      Sofwave is an effective skin tightening treatment, as well as Ulthera, Thermage, ThermiTight, and PrecisionTX. However, effectiveness is dependent upon your skin quality. More noticeable results are possible in skin that still has an intact fiber network that can tighten up. For skin that does not still have an intact collagen matrix, more aggressive or invasive treatment may lead to better results.

    • Does Sofwave really work?

      Yes – not only have clinical studies shown Sofwave to be effective at firming and tightening the skin, but our before and after gallery shows how we’ve already helped many patients attain their ideal results for face lifting without surgery!

    • How long does Sofwave treatment last?

      You can expect your results to last at least 1-2 years before your aging process begins to take noticeable effect. Remember, we can’t freeze time (yet!), but with Sofwave you’ll always look better than if you had done nothing at all.

    • Is Sofwave as effective as Ultherapy?

      Yes, when comparing Sofwave and Ultherapy treatments at the same depths, they are equally effective. However, Ultherapy does offer 1 deeper treatment function that targets the SMAS at 4mm, which no other treatment currently offers (this deep treatment is also why Ultherapy can be very painful).

    • How much does Sofwave therapy cost?

      The cost of Sofwave therapy depends on a variety of factors including your treatment needs and the number of sessions needed to achieve your intended results. During your free cosmetic consultation, our providers will give you a full cost estimate.

    • How many Sofwave treatments will I need?

      Sofwave is unique in that it can produce results with a single treatment. However, FDA studies have proven that many patients benefit from a second “booster” treatment 4-8 weeks after the first to further enhance results. Sofwave tends to last for 1-2 years, and our cosmetic physicians can give you a full schedule of when to return to maintain your results.

    • How painful is Sofwave?

      Sofwave is well tolerated. The treatment is provided after the application of topical anesthesia and no injectipons are required. You can relax and unwind in our comfortable suite during treatment and immediately return to your planned activities.

    • Is Sofwave FDA-cleared?

      Sofwave has been cleared by the FDA and has since become one of our preferred skin tightening treatments. It has been thoroughly vetted by our knowledgeable cosmetic physicians who have decades of combined experience in practicing cosmetic medicine.

    • Is Sofwave better than Morpheus8?

      Sofwave and Morpheus8 are two completely different technologies. Morpheus8 is an RF microneedling device that can stimulate collagen by generating wounds in the skin and administering radiofrequency energy. Because of this, Morpheus8 tends to come with a slight recovery period while the skin heals. Sofwave does not require any recovery because it does not use any needles or incisions. In our experience, Sofwave is much less painful than Morpheus8 and is more specifically used for skin tightening. At our practice, the Endymed Intensif device, which also uses radiofrequency and microneedles is much better tolerated than Morpheus8.

    • What is the aftercare for Sofwave?

      There is virtually no aftercare needed for Sofwave. You may notice some minimal pinkness in the skin, but it can be covered with makeup immediately after treatment. We recommend wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF30 daily post treatment.

    • Does Sofwave have a lot of risks?

      No. Sofwave is very safe and side effects are incredibly rare.

    • Can Sofwave be used on any skin type?

      Because Sofwave is color blind, it can be used on any skin type, and even if the skin has some residual tan.

    • Does Sofwave therapy work for wrinkles?

      Sofwave can reduce wrinkles by rebuilding the supportive matrix of collagen under the skin. Sofwave tends to work for wrinkles that are caused by repetitive movements (or the same ones often treated with Botox) as well as static wrinkles, those present at rest. Sofwave can produce subtle, natural-looking wrinkle reduction versus the transformative results of a surgical facelift.

    • How long does it take for skin to heal after laser treatment?

      There’s no healing required after Sofwave. After treatment, the skin begins to remodel and rebuild collagen at a deep level over the course of the next several weeks. The surface of the skin remains untouched throughout Sofwave treatments.

    • Can Sofwave be combined with other procedures or technologies?

      Yes. It is common to improve a patient’s facial contours with dermal fillers before tightening the skin over these new youthful curves. It also can be performed in combination with laser resurfacing or IPL to target sun related brown spots. We call this approach, “Tighten and brighten”

    • How does Sofwave compare to Ultherapy?

      Though these are both effective technologies, because Sofwave concentrates its energy more superficially than Ulthera, it is more comfortable. Its ability to limit its energy delivery to the dermis of the skin is the key to its predicatable great outcomes as that is target for laxity of the skin.

    • What does Sofwave treatment feel like?

      Sofwave may feel like a comfortable massage. There’s no anesthetic needed, meaning you can enjoy a relaxing and low-hassle session at our comfortable treatment suite.

    • Can Sofwave be used for jowls?

      Sofwave can be an effective option for jowls depending on factors like severity of your laxity. Jowls that have begun to sag too much may be better suited to another option. This may include dermal fillers, dissolving the fat of the jowls with Kybella or a face lift.  Our cosmetic physicians will discuss the best option for your needs during a free consultation.

    • Is Sofwave safe for everyone?

      No. For patients with very loose skin and significant jowls, a facelift or necklift is often the treatment of choice. Though sofwave will still improve the skin’s elasticity, it may not be enough to meet a patient’s expectation and a surgical treatment is preferred.


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    Dr. Michelle Ellern’s skillful hands, artful techniques, and warm and caring personality as a cosmetic physician make her a wonderful addition to Reflections. She is certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.