Men very rarely develop cellulite and typically can reduce cellulite through weight-loss, unlike women.

Cellulite forms due to sex-related (male/female) differences in the skin and its underlying tissues.1 It is unclear as to what causes cellulite to form, but studies show that 85-90% of women experience cellulite as they age. Effective treatments for cellulite acknowledge these structural differences and seek to treat these causes of cellulite directly.

What Causes Cellulite

Cellulite forms due to the following underlying structural changes in the skin:

  • Fibers (septae) form that tether the skin to fascia below, creating deep dimples
  • Fat cells trapped within the skin collect into large bulges within the skin’s lower layers
  • Skin loses elasticity and thickness, making the bulges and dimples appear worse and creating an appearance that is wavy and bumpy like an orange peel

To learn how to treat the underlying causes of Cellulite, please visit our Cellulite Treatment Page.

Cellulite explained

Why You Have Cellulite

For women, cellulite forms due to structural differences in the skin. All skin has fibrous bands that tether it to the fascia and tissues below. In men, these tethers form a diagonal mesh. In women, they form perpendicular to the top of the skin. Women also tend to lose significant amounts of collagen support within the skin as they age, making cellulite a problem that increases with age.

Look & Feel Amazing With Cellulite Treatments That Work!

Reflections offers several cellulite treatments that target the underlying causes of cellulite, for a smooth, youthful look you’ll love. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!


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