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Ear & Earlobe Surgery

We offer a complete and comprehensive approach to earlobe and ear surgery,

If you’re facing yourself in the mirror putting in your favorite earrings and thinking that, no matter how attractive the jewelry is, the sight of your earlobe sagging or stretching is too distracting, you can benefit from earlobe restructuring at Reflections. Our facial plastic surgeon also repairs torn or split earlobes for those who need it.

Ear & Earlobe Surgery Quick Facts

  • Surgical and non-surgical options
  • Certified plastic surgeon and physician injectors
  • Downtime-free options
  • Financing and budget-friendly options to help with earlobe repair cost

Today’s Best Options for Ear & Earlobe Surgery

Usually not people’s first thought when it comes to facial rejuvenation, ear and earlobe surgeries are effective ways of repairing or reshaping the ears to fix injuries, address asymmetry, and help your ears appear proportionate with the rest of your facial features.

Fodero Otoplasty Ear Surgery Before and After NJ

Having all these options available means that no matter your concern with the size, shape, or appearance of your ears, our plastic surgeons can help. At Reflections, we offer a complete and comprehensive approach to earlobe and ear surgery, including procedures for:

Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is an ear surgery that’s applicable for people whose ears seem overly large due to how far they project away from the head, or simply because they are large in proportion to the rest of their facial features. Otoplasty is commonly performed for children whose ears are fully developed and who experience teasing or other negative side effects due to the appearance of their ears, but it also provides benefits for adults who dislike how their ears look.

Ear pinning reshapes or removes cartilage and skin from the ears to draw them closer to the head and reduce their projection, helping shrink the size they appear to be. For some, it can be done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure to help minimize the cost and need for downtime.

Torn Earlobe Repair Surgery

People who have ear piercings, gauges, or heavy earrings can have unfortunate accidents, injuries, or other conditions that cause a deformed or torn earlobe. We offer earlobe repair procedures to restore a scarless appearance to the earlobe for people with gauges or earring tears who are concerned about seeing a fine scar after the procedure.

Ear Reshaping Surgery

Going beyond ear pinning, ear reshaping surgery is best for those who have asymmetrical ears or who have an ear injury that causes their ears to not look alike. Reshaping one or both ears can help achieve a symmetrical appearance, helping to enhance a person’s attractiveness or solve problems like cauliflower ear or a stretched earlobe.

Earlobe Filler

Using dermal hyaluronic acid fillers, we can help thinning earlobes appear more full and youthful for a totally balanced appearance to each earlobe. Because the earlobe doesn’t have muscle tissue, the fillers we use, either Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma, aren’t broken down as easily, meaning the results of earlobe filler procedures can last beyond the expected 2 years as with other filler procedures. This is a minimally invasive procedure that has the benefit of very little downtime or visible bruising so patients can return to their normal life very quickly.

Comparing Earlobe Treatment Options

Which ear cosmetic surgery is right for you? It primarily depends on which part of the ear you want enhanced or corrected. Those with torn earlobes should get earlobe repair surgery rather than earlobe filler. Eventually, people with a split earlobe will be able to get another ear piercing after having earlobe repair performed. Older patients who are unhappy with sagging earlobes may benefit from earlobe filler if they are happy with the shape and size of their ears, but can opt for both that and ear reshaping if desired.

Children, teens, and adults who are concerned about the size of their ears can most often benefit from otoplasty more than ear reshaping surgery, and anyone with asymmetrical ear appearances for a variety of reasons is best suited for ear reshaping surgery.

Why Choose Reflections Center for Ear & Earlobe Surgery

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Fodero, has more than 20 years of experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, having completed many ear and earlobe surgeries throughout his career. His background as a reconstructive surgeon makes him the perfect choice for ear and earlobe plastic surgery because he is a highly skilled surgeon with an artistic eye. You can expect safe treatment, a smooth recovery, and natural-looking results when you choose Reflections for your ear or earlobe surgery.

Not everyone who offers ear and earlobe surgeries has the breadth of knowledge that our team of physicians does. Dr. Fodero works closely with the entire medical team at Reflections to carefully create each person’s custom ear surgery plan, including both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This may include cosmetic scar care treatments to minimize any potential scarring from some surgeries or redness reduction with a series of laser treatments.

Schedule Your Consultation

At Reflections Center, we believe in personalized treatment. Your surgeon will take the time to discuss your needs, concerns, and treatments available to you so that the best treatment plan can be developed.

Important Questions To Ask

If your ear concern is a common issue, ask to see before-and-after photos of patients with the same issue.

Ask your doctor whether they’ve done revision work before in the ear or earlobe.

Identify your doctor’s credentials, ensuring they’re board-certified.

Ask them to describe their most difficult cartilage reshaping case, which is relevant to the ear, which is largely made of cartilage.

How To Find The Best Ear Surgeon Near You

The best ear and earlobe treatment providers are those with the tools, facility, and expertise to offer a comprehensive personalized plan for your unique needs and condition. Only Reflections provides patients with the option of having both surgery and non-surgical solutions to their common issues, and can be complemented with dozens of other treatments provided by our team of cosmetic physicians.

Complementary Ear & Earlobe Treatments To Consider

Our team of cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons offer almost every cosmetic service you could imagine, from small tweaks to big transformations. Many patients will pair additional treatments along with ear surgery, or if they are already having a fairly involved ear surgery, a patient may also choose to have another plastic surgery procedure at that time, to join the recovery period together and save on costs overall.

  • Scar Revision

    The most common treatment we recommend after an ear surgery of all types is scar revision therapy. This is our most comprehensive approach to reducing redness, bruising, and scarring that comes from many types of surgery.

  • Laser Hair Removal for Ears (and Face)

    Hair can be removed from the ears and area around the ears with lasers.

  • Other Cosmetic Surgeries

    Explore our full range of cosmetic surgeries, provided by our board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Michelle Ellern’s skillful hands, artful techniques, and warm and caring personality as a cosmetic physician make her a wonderful addition to Reflections. She is certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.