“Don’t Make that Face – It’ll get Stuck That Way!”
-moms everywhere

Unfortunately, our mothers were right about this one. The expressions we repeatedly make become deep-set lines and wrinkles as we age. Whether you furrow your brow while lost deep in thought or you frown at your children as a silent signal to behave while in public, the vertical lines between your brows create a lasting look of anger and stress. The good news is this is a relatively easy problem to fix.


“Amazing doctor with golden hands. Can’t say enough great things! My Botox is always perfect! Everyone in the office is always very pleasant and accommodating.”
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Dermal Fillers vs. Botox for Frown Lines

You’ve probably heard of Botox for 11’s or frown lines. But did you know Botox isn’t the answer for deep-set lines?

There’s a difference between lines that appear when you frown (dynamic wrinkles), and those that are there all the time (static wrinkles). When you frown or squint deeply and create lines, you are compressing the skin’s underlying support structures. Over time, those structures are damaged permanently, leading to lines that are there all the time. At first, the lines are soft and faint, but as you continue to damage the collagen and fibers that support that skin, the lines become deeper set and eventually lines turn to wrinkles and then into folds.

Good Botox Moves Naturally
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BOTOX® COSMETIC relaxes overactive muscles, to protect skin from the damage that causes frown lines to become deep-set wrinkles. In the hands of our skilled injectors, Botox is a gentle relaxing of these muscles, to soften – not freeze- expressions. Natural movement is part of a natural-looking result.

Watch below as Dr. Chasin explains how and why he is injecting Botox for frown lines on a patient.

An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold when it comes to frown lines. But what if your lines and wrinkles are still visible even when you’re not frowning?

DERMAL FILLERS are the product of choice for replacing lost support under deep-set wrinkles and lines. The video at the top of this page shows how we can use dermal fillers to smooth out and support skin that’s “folding” under the pressure of lots of repetitive movement.

Other fillers are better at lifting, while still others are best at creating the softest, smoothest results. Our specially-trained physician injectors will help you select the best dermal filler for your wrinkles, based on your lifestyle, budget, and anatomy. Because we have all of the FDA-Approved dermal fillers available at our offices in New Jersey, our award-winning injectors are able to offer our clients the very best result, based on the latest science and innovation in cosmetic medicine.

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