Save on Botox or Fillers

Filler Price NJAll of these offers are limited in quantity, and provided to us courtesy of the manufacturer – so we do not have the ability to bend any rules – once they’re gone, they’re gone! Details provided below:

$75 off Filler for New Brilliant Distinctions Members
Please use the link above to claim this coupon code – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

For these discounts, please call our office to schedule right away – we have a limited number of rebates being given out first-come, first-served at our practice for instant savings:
$150 off Certain Fillers for New Patients
$150 off Botox for New Patients
$300 off Botox & Filler in the same appointment – details below
Save $300 on Botox and Certain Fillers at our practice this summer!

[NEW!] Sebacia Acne Treatment is $300 Off for a Limited Time

Sebacia for Adult Acne NJ
click the image to visit our Sebacia page and learn more about this procedure!
Sebacia is $300 off during our limited time introductory offer.
To lock in this sale price for Sebacia, please schedule your free consultation (in person or virtual – both are free) to determine your eligibility (we only want you to invest in the treatments that will actually work for you, and there’s no 1 right acne treatment that works 100% of the time for everyone, so we offer free consultations to help you make the best choices in your acne care. Those that book (or pay for) their package of treatments before September 1, 2020, will be eligible for this discounted rate.

[NEW!] Sofwave Non-Surgical Facelift Introductory Pricing Offer

neck skin tightening with SofwaveSofwave is a new non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment that’s changing the way our patients think about aging gracefully.
For the price of 2 of syringes of our most popular lifting filler (that’s 2 tsp of volume), we can tighten and lift skin across the entire face with Sofwave, by naturalling restoring your body’s own collagen and elasticity. This erases fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and lifts sagging and droopy facial features, including the brow, cheeks, jawline, etc.
If you’ve been worried that the cost, pain, or downtime of a skin tightening treatment made it out of reach for you, Sofwave will change that.
For a limited time, we’ve offering introductory pricing on this procedure as follows:

$1250 for Neck & Submental (under the chin)
$1750 for Full Face
$2500 for Full Face and Neck

Save $500 on CoolSculpting* [Limited Time Offer – While Supplies Last]

CoolSculpting Sale NJ
Savings of $500 on 6 cycles of CoolSculpting offered by the manufacturer. Please use the link provided to complete the offer form and receive your coupon code. Discount is applied at the time of purchase and not applicable to previous purchases. Please see full terms and conditions of this offer using the link provided above.

Reflections Rewards and Rewards Plus

Reflections is committed to providing our loyal customers with cosmetic procedures that are cost-effective. One of the best ways we do that is to offer an exclusive rewards program that offers discounts on future treatments at our office, called Reflections Rewards.
Rewards Plus pairs Reflections Rewards with the Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire rewards programs offered by the manufacturers of Botox and Fillers, to offer our patients additional discounts and savings on our most popular injectable procedures.

Fine Print

We reserve the right to change or revoke any of these offers, at any time, at our discretion. Offers are generally able to be combined, but there may be some cases where we cannot. We accept most Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire offers, but we cannot guarantee availability or acceptance since these are manufacturer rewards programs. Please contact our office if you’d like to combine these offers, or if you’d like additional details.