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Laser Hair Removal: Face

Our large selection of lasers makes removing unwanted facial hair easy, comfortable, and cost-effective for all skin types.

Should You Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Face?

In this video, you’ll see exactly what laser hair removal on the face looks like – and just how quick it is. Like all of our laser treatments, laser hair removal on the face is performed only by physicians at our offices in New Jersey, and we offer a wide variety of lasers for this treatment because no one laser is the best for all skin and hair tone combinations.

Our large selection of hair removal lasers, operated by physicians who specialize in laser treatments, makes removing unwanted facial hair easy, comfortable, and cost-effective for the largest variety of hair and skin tone combinations.

For women, facial hair is an embarrassing problem that can be painful to remove. Most women don’t want to add their faces to the list of places they have to shave almost daily. Waxing, threading, and sugaring are an option but they can seriously damage the skin and leave behind red, white, and dark spots (hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation).

Top Asked Questions

  • How can I remove facial hair permanently at home?
    Laser hair removal is the only at-home procedure that can offer permanent results - and while we did write a blog about the laser hair removal at-home treatments that are the safest and most effective - we do not recommend performing these on your face. They have a much higher risk of discoloration than in-office treatments performed by physicians and your face is more likely to be stubborn when it comes to removing any discoloration that you might cause (and knowing how upsetting this is for patients).
  • What causes hair on chin in females?
    Chin hair on females is caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and hormones. Most women find that chin hair growth occurs as estrogen dips as they age, allowing testosterone to become relatively higher in their bodies. Sometimes, this shift can occur due to abnormal hormonal changes, such as those caused by PCOS or other diseases. This is why it's important to discuss these things with a physician. We do offer free consultations for hair removal with our physicians.
  • Is it possible to remove upper lip hair permanently?
    Yes - laser hair removal and electrolysis offer the most permanent reduction of hair. Electrolysis requires perfect treatment of each and every hair follicle, one by one, with an electric tool. The lasers we offer for hair removal use a scanning technology that allows them to move very quickly over the area without treating the same spot twice (which is a danger because double-treating is one way you can overtreat and cause complications like burns and discoloration). While laser hair removal does require several sessions, these sessions are more comfortable and quicker than an electrolysis appointment. While electrolysis can theoretically remove all of the hair in a single setting, this requires your technician to perfectly treat each and every hair, including those follicles that don't have any hair in them at that particular moment (which is always happening as the hairs in any given area are staggering their growth cycle).
  • How can I remove facial hair from PCOS?
    If your PCOS is being treated by a physician with medication and regular check-ups, we have found laser hair removal can be incredibly effective. Like all people who have laser hair removal, you may need future maintenance treatments. Leaving PCOS untreated almost guarantees a need for retreatment so lapses in treatment are a bad idea for PCOS patients, in terms of long-term results maintenance. However, we have successfully treated dozens of women who have PCOS with our lasers for hair removal. Having physicians on our team doing the evaluation and treatments is a particular advantage for patients who have medical reasons behind their hair growth.
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Many people struggle with ingrown hairs and razor bumps, the results of skin irritation from frequent shaving. These bumps are not only painful but often develop into cysts that can leave behind scars and dark spots. This is especially upsetting when it occurs on your face because there’s no way to cover it up.

Laser Hair Removal for the Face

Laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair from most areas of the face, including:

Upper Lip

This is our most commonly requested treatment area for facial hair removal. It’s a fast, easy, and affordable treatment, and for women who struggle with upper lip hair, this can be a life-changing procedure.


Hair on the chin typically starts to show up in females after menopause. No woman wants to shave her face, so laser hair removal is the perfect way to treat this issue.

Men’s Beards and Mustaches

This is particularly helpful for men who experience razor bumps or ingrown hairs, but can also be helpful for men who have hair they don’t want, like stray hairs high up on the cheeks or a patchy beard.

Baby Hairs and Overgrown Sideburns

Kim K famously had this done. It’s one of the most commonly requested areas for our patients and is an easy treatment area. We often get asked if there’s a chance this will mess up your hairline. The answer is no. We’ll talk in great detail about the hairline you desire and then map out a treatment plan to keep the hair you like while removing the hair you don’t.

Nose Tip

Hair that grows on the tip of the nose is difficult to shave or wax but can be easily lasered away with gentle laser hair removal devices. You cannot at this time treat hair inside the nose with laser hair removal. It would pose dangerous risks as the tissue inside the nose is not as strong as your skin surface and is not able to withstand laser treatment.

Low Hairlines

Low hairlines can disrupt the face’s proportions, making the forehead appear too short. When this happens, creating a new hairline with waxing or shaving is very difficult, if not impossible. Laser hair removal can resolve the issue with a series of treatments to create a new hairline.

Play it Safe with Your Face

We hear our patients tell us they are worried about laser hair removal being safe for their skin type quite frequently, and nowhere is this truer than when we are treating the face. Matching the right lasers with the right skin tone and type is critical to creating better results faster, without damaging sensitive skin. There is no one laser that treats all skin and hair types well, which is why we have invested in many different lasers, each with its own best uses.

  • Lasers for Facial Hair Removal
  • Lasers when used in combination with each other can lead to lasting results and safer recovery. We utilize a mixture of the lasers mentioned below.

    LightSheer Duet Laser

    The Lightsheer is safe to use for a wide variety of skin types and is one of our favorites because in Duet mode it’s one of the fastest and most comfortable hair removal technologies on the market.

    GentleYag Laser

    For those with a naturally darker skin tone, or tanned skin (skin that has been exposed to the sun recently), the GentleYag, a type of Nd:Yag laser, provides safe and effective hair removal.

    GentleLase Laser

    One of our most widely used lasers, the GentleLase, is best for lighter skin types, ranging from highly sun-sensitive skin that always burns to minimally sun-sensitive skin that always tans.

    Before & After Photos of Laser Hair Removal

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    Why Choose Reflections for Laser Hair Removal for Your Face?

    Unfortunately, it’s incredibly rare to have laser hair removal treatments performed by physicians today and that’s worrying because most nurses and laser techs use pre-set selections of laser settings. At Reflections, you will be treated by a physician who knows our skin and hair don’t fall into preset categories and this understanding will prevent you from possible complications.

    We offer free consultations with the physicians who perform these treatments. Having that consultation with a doctor will allow them to look into why you might have this unwanted hair, as there are often hormones in play with facial hair. This is an important step in ensuring you not only get results that last but also that we’re not just masking a deeper medical concern.

    The Best in Laser Hair Removal

    Reflections has the best treatments for laser hair removal because we have a wide variety of treatment options. Whether you have light, sun-sensitive skin or a dark, tanned complexion, we have a laser that will be just right for you! Your physician will help you determine that perfect laser to help you achieve permanent hair removal with a safe treatment plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Unwanted Facial Hair

    • Does chin hair mean PCOS?

      Not necessarily. Many women will naturally develop chin hair due to very normal hormonal changes during menopause. Hormonal changes are something you should discuss with your primary care doctor or endocrinologist, as they can help you rule out more serious underlying medical conditions. If your hair growth is caused by PCOS, removing the hair isn’t going to work long-term without treating the root cause, PCOS can also have more serious medical implications and is important to treat for your overall health.

    • Can I remove baby hairs with laser hair removal?

      Yes – many patients find this to be a result they’re very happy with, especially if they had a somewhat short forehead or too low of a hairline for their liking.

    • What are the medical issues that might cause excessive hair growth?

      Excessive hair growth may be caused by abnormal hormone levels (androgens) and though other symptoms like abnormal periods and acne might be present, sometimes they are not. Reflections’ expert physicians always consider the cause of excess hair, and are happy to review any medical causes with you during your consultation.

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