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Botox® Morristown, NJ

Learn more about your Botox options in Morristown at Reflections Center.

Learn more about your Botox options in Morristown at Reflections Center.

Over the last few decades, Botox® has had several uses in the medical field including as a treatment for spasms, hyperhidrosis, headaches, and migraines. However, the most popular use of Botox is in the cosmetic field where it has offered consistently exceptional results. Botox is a neuromodulator that is derived from the protein Botulinum toxin A and it works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to your facial muscles. This means that the dynamic wrinkles you get from facial expressions over the years are smoothed. When there are no new wrinkles and fine lines, your appearance continues to get youthful and with follow-up treatments, you will be able to maintain your results.

However, a number of our patients in Morristown are apprehensive of being left with an unnatural pulled look from Botox. That is why it is important to choose a physician who has sufficient experience with the use of Botox. At Reflections Center, our experts have the required expertise and years of experience to make sure that all our patients get beautiful results that appear natural. We have thousands of patients who are enjoying their enhanced appearance which restores their youthful definitions and self-confidence.

When administering Botox and other injectables, it is important that we understand the different aesthetic goals of patients with different skin types so that they get the best rejuvenation. Not only are we experts at understanding our patients and offering them optimum results, but we also train and help dermatologists and surgeons across the country to offer their patients the same. It has always been our aim at Reflections Center to use the latest innovation through customized treatments to ensure our patients get their desired results. We offer two more neuromodulator alternatives, Xeomin® and Dysport®, that offer subtler results than Botox.

Dysport is used to give a thinner application of the protein allowing for increased mobility. In some rare cases, patients who are allergic to Botox and Dysport can benefit from the neuromodulator Xeomin. Once we understand your requirements and evaluate your skin, our experts will recommend the best treatment to give you a refreshed appearance that is dramatic and yet appears natural so nobody will even know that you underwent a cosmetic procedure.

Botox Alternative Injectable Treatments

When in need of a small amount of correction and subtler results than Botox, the two alternatives Dysport and Xeomin give the desired results. We have thousands of satisfied patients who have benefitted from our customized treatments. The natural results you achieve not only restore your youthful facial definitions but also give a boost to your self-confidence. Here are the neuromodulators our patients in Morristown can choose from:

Dermal Fillers

We offer another kind of injectable known as dermal fillers. These help eliminate changes to your skin like fine lines and loss of volume. Our expert physicians recommend the most suitable filler for your facial concerns so that you can restore the youthful definition of your features. With these customizable fillers, you can easily achieve the rejuvenation you always desired. Patients in Morristown can choose from the following range of dermal fillers:

About Morristown, NJ

Morristown is a town and the county seat of Morris County in New Jersey. It is known as the “military capital of the American Revolution” due to its strategic role in the war for independence from Great Britain. The history of the town is visible in several locations throughout Morristown which collectively make up the Morristown National Historical Park. The town is named after the popular governor of the province, Lewis Morris, who championed benefits for the colonists. There are many popular sites for visitors in Morristown including Morristown Green which is a park at the center of town and is a site of several Revolutionary War and Civil War monuments. It is also surrounded by historic churches, the colonial county courthouse, and a shopping and restaurant district. You can also visit the Acorn Hall, Morris Museum, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and Mayo Performing Arts Center. One of only two heroic statues of Thomas Paine in the country is located in Morristown. Also, one of the few statues depicting an unblindfolded Lady Justice adorns the façade of the Courthouse.