For both men and women, the chest and collarbones, or décolletage area, is an area that accumulates sun damage much faster than most of the rest of our bodies. For women, there is the added damage to the skin of side sleeping, which often leads to lines and wrinkles between the breasts. Luckily, we have many non-surgical treatments that can rejuvenate the skin in this area for patients of all skin tones and types.

Watch our Doctors Explain the Best Chest & Décolleté Rejuvenation Treatments

Why does our chest skin look so bad? Throughout history, we’ve never shown as much cleavage as we do today – even for men, who are shirtless at the beach or during the summer – we’ve never had this much sun exposure in generations past, so our chests are experiencing much more sun damage than ever before. And while we’ve become pretty good about sun protection for our faces, we often forget the rest of our body, and the delicate skin on our chest just doesn’t do well with sun damage. And then there’s the impact of side-sleeping, especially for women, which cases lines to form between the breasts.

Chart Comparing the Best Treatments for Chest & Decollete for Both Men & Women

Treatment Cost Invasiveness Downtime How It Works
Laser Sun Damage Removal $300 – $1500+ per treatment Low to High-Intensity Lasers Most commonly 3-10 days, depending on laser Lasers target brown spots, hyper- pigmentation, wrinkles and sun damaged skin
Biostimulatory Agents (Radiesse, Sculptra, PRF) $850-1050 per vial Injections, or Applied Over Top of Freshly-Lasered or Microneedled Skin Potential bruising up to one week Stimulates Body to Build New Collagen & Firm Skin, Some can speed healing too
Chest Lines & Wrinkle Filler Smoothing Typically $650 – $750 per syringe (1 syringe usually needed) Injections Potential bruising up to one week Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injected by Doctors underneath wrinkles to smooth them out
Laser Redness Removal $300-450 per session, 1-3 sessions needed Medium-Intensity Laser Redness/swelling 3-4 days Lasers target red spots and red sun damage for removal

The Best Treatments for Chest and Décolleté

At our two New Jersey Medspa locations, we offer a variety of treatments for chest rejuvenation. We’ll walk you through them here, broken down by which type of result they can create.

How to Remove Sun Spots & Sun Damage on the Chest & Décolleté

The best ways to remove sun damage, both the brown discoloration and dark spots, and the rough, crepey skin texture it causes, is to use lasers to specifically target and remove the sun damaged cells from your skin. When it comes to these lasers, your skin tone and genetic heritage does matter – so it’s important to confirm your laser selection with a physician who will take a full medical history and perform a skin typing assessment using the Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test (which is the standard test used to determine how you skin reacts to sunlight, and is used for laser safety). It is essential that you seek care from an advanced laser practice that has a wide range of these lasers so you can be assured that the right device is being used for you. Improper laser is one of the most common reasons for complications such as burns.

Fraxel Sun Damage Removal Results - One of the Best Lasers for Removing Sun Damage on the Chest!
These Fraxel Results are very typical. Click here to view our Fraxel Dual Re:Store Laser Before & After Gallery.

For Skin Types 1-4, Fraxel Restore Dual is the laser of choice for sun damage removal of all kinds. It does an amazing job at quickly and safely reducing dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, and more. Most patients will need 2-4 of these laser treatments for chest rejuvenation, depending on the amount of sun damage present.  Biostimulatory Fillers (or PRP) can be used at the same time as Fraxel Restore laser to boost the results (and speed healing time in the case of PRP). They can also potentially reduce the total number of treatments required.

Q-Switched Laser Sun Damage Removed from Male's Chest

For patients with darker skin (Type 4-6), either the Q-Switched Yag Laser or PiQo4 Laser can be used to safely and effectively improve both dark spots and sun damage that’s resulted in poor skin quality leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and rough texture.

Redness Removed with Vbeam laser + Sun Damage Removed with Fraxel laser

For redness – including both red spots and broken capillaries – the Vbeam laser works well for all skin types and can make incredible transformations in just a few treatments.

How to Treat Chest Wrinkles & Creases Between the Breasts

When it comes to wrinkles and creases between the breasts, it’s important to realize how much of a harmful effect sleeping on your side has on these findings. If you simply cannot sleep on your back, consider a wrinkle-protection silicon patch. These are self-adhesive patches, often containing a hyaluronic acid serum or some moisturizer, that are smoothed across the skin to keep the area from wrinkling while you sleep. They do work when used consistently as maintenance after a treatment is used to smooth out the wrinkles.

In terms of treatments for wrinkles between the breasts, we find these options consistently produce the best results:

  • Energy based devices such as Lasers (ie Fraxel) and Ultrasound devices (ie Sofwave, Ultherapy) and fractional radiofrequency devices (Endymed Intensif, Infini) stimulate new collagen and elastin, remove some of the damaged skin cells, and firm and tighten the skin in this area. After a Sofwave or Ultherapy treatment, there is no redness, swelling or downtime, so these are a great choice  if you don’t want anyone, including hubby to know you’ve done anything. The other thing to know – is that results appear very slowly over about 3-6 months.
  • Dermal Fillers (Silk, Restylane, Volbella) injected directly  into the individual deep chest wrinkles work well for deep wrinkles and offer potential for immediate gratification.
  • Biostimulatory Fillers (Sculptra, Radiesse, PRP), injected across a wide region of the chest using a fanning technique, stimulate the growth of new collagen and smooth and firm the entire region. These agents can be used alone or in combination with lasers, ultrasound or radiofrequency devices to further boost the results of wrinkle reduction. Improvement begin within a few weeks, steadily improve over a period of months and are long lasting. Though the injection of Sculptra  and PRP are the most effective ways to use these agent, they can also be used topically in combination with lasers and radiofrequency as they will penetrate the channels created by these agents for a short period of time after these therapies.

Fraxel Laser to Remove Sun Damage & Wrinkles Between Breasts
Carefully chosen topcial skin care products are recommended to be used daily to not only enhance, but to also help maintain the results of lasers and biostimulatory agents. Skinmedica’s TNS Serum and Defanage’s 8-in-1 BioSerum are two of our favorite regimens. And please don’t forget the importance of daily sunblock and avoidance of sleeping on your side.

Treatments for chest wrinkles are safe, effective and long lasting and give women the confidence to drop the neck line and to feel good about themselves.

Gynecomastia: Removing Excess Fat & Tightening Loose Skin for Male Chests

When gynecomastia is caused by excessive fat in the area, we can treat this condition with fat removal and skin tightening treatments – and in this case, Smartlipo with it’s Triplex Skin Tightening, is usually the treatment of choice. Other things can cause enlargement in the chest area of males, and a thorough evaluation by your treating physician is suggested before looking for cosmetic therapies.

Treatments We Don’t Recommend for Chest Rejuvenation – And Why

Chemical Peels

The skin on your chest is very sensitive and most at-home peels are formulated for your face, making them far too aggressive for you chest. Even if you were to have a chemical peel done correctly by a professional, it truly isn’t going to reach deep enough into the skin to actually affect the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin – and without reaching this layer with lasers or ultrasound, or injecting some supportive material (like a hyaluronic acid dermal filler), you’ll never be able to impact lines or wrinkles.

Shiatsu or Other Massage Techniques

Massaging and heat can both temporarily improve the look of skin by causing a small amount of swelling. Perhaps you’ve noticed this effect when you really rub moisturizer into an area of fine lines on your skin. The effect wears off in hours, and shouldn’t be considered a true improvement.

Skin plumpers

Skin plumpers are not effective ways to improve the quality of skin of the chest. They cause inflammation and swelling in the area where they are applied and though it may look like the skin is temporarily smoother, it is just due to swelling and not real.

Choosing the Best Chest Rejuvenation Treatment for You

How Much Does Chest Rejuvenation Cost?

Laser Chest Rejuvenation pricing depends upon 2 factors:

  1. The laser used (as certain lasers are more costly to own, use & maintain)
  2. The size of the area being treated

This table should give you an approximate idea of the costs involved, but a free consultation with one of our cosmetic physicians is the only way to get a personalized price quote, and ensure you’re choosing the right treatment(s) for you.

Cost of Chest Treatments Near Me

Treatment Approximate Costs
Laser Sun Damage Removal $300 – 1500 per session. The number of sessions depends on the amount of sun damage and the therapies chosen.
Lasers + Biostimulation $1000 – 2500+ per session, depending on size of treatment area
Wrinkle Filler Smoothing $650 – $750 per syringe (1 syringe usually needed)
Laser Redness Removal $300-450 per session, 1-3 sessions needed
Laser Lipo & Skin Tightening for Gynecomastia $4,500 – 6,000+

Do You Offer Payment Plans for Chest Rejuvenation?

We accept financing from select third party vendors for bills totaling $1000 or more, which allows you to pay for your treatments in small monthly payments. Use the icons at right to apply now!

Does Insurance Cover Chest Rejuvenation?

We have not seen where any insurance companies cover these treatments. However, some patients have been able to use their HSA monies to pay for their treatments at our practice. You’ll want to call your insurance carrier or account administrator to ask them about the specifics of your coverage. Our practice will accept HSA debit cards backed by Visa or Mastercard, but we do not accept or file insurance coverage at our offices.

What is the Fastest Way to Remove Chest Wrinkles?

Filler injected behind the individual wrinkles would be the fastest way to smooth out wrinkles between the breasts.

What is the Fastest Way to Remove Sun Damage on Your Chest?

Laser or ultasound treatment (with the laser most appropriate for you skin – sometimes with multiple lasers in one day, would be the fastest way to remove sun damage from the chest.

Can I have Laser Chest Rejuvenation?

Most everyone can have laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments for their chest at our offices, because we have so many lasers to choose from.

Can I have Fillers for My Chest Wrinkles?

Most everyone can have wrinkle filling & smoothing treatments for their chest at our offices, because we utilize every FDA-Approved filler available. Reflections is unique in that these fillers are only injected by physicians.

Can I Have Skin Tightening & Firming for My Chest?

Most everyone can have non-surgical skin tightening & firming treatments for their chest at our offices, because we have so many lasers & technologies to choose from.

Results from Chest Rejuvenation Treatments at Reflections


“My experience at Reflections of Livingston has been absolutely life changing! I initially started going to Dr. Chasin 5 years ago for a skin evaluation for sun/aging spots and deep lines … it was recommended that i do Fraxel 3 times over the course of one year… I couldn’t be more pleased with my “under the radar” change in my youthful look and quality of my skin which glows beautifully as long as I stay out of the sun!”
– Lisa M. in Montgomery on Yelp

Why Choose Reflections?

When it comes to rejuvenation for your chest, you want to find the best doctor near you who can help you achieve the results you desire, in a way that suits your lifestyle & needs – maybe that’s something without downtime so you don’t have to take off work, or perhaps it’s the most economical option, or the lowest maintenance one.

Only Our Team of Cosmetic Physicians, Paired with Our Collection of Lasers & Technologies, Can Provide You with These Treatment Options & Expertise

Patients considering cosmetic treatments may have a wide range of concerns, from whether the treatment will hurt, to safety, affordability and effectiveness. That’s where our team of highly experienced Cosmetic Physicians, who have access to over 70 different lasers & technologies across our two New Jersey locations, really come in handy – because we have such a wide range of treatments available, you’ll never have to settle when it comes to choosing the right treatment for your chest rejuvenation. We encourage you to think about what matters most to you, and bring that list with you to your free consultation.


How to Find the Best Chest Rejuvenation Doctor Near You


All of our chest rejuvenation treatments are performed by physicians only at Reflections, and each doctor on our team has had extensive experience performing laser treatments and injectables.

Learn more about which qualifications matter – and which don’t – by downloading our comparison table.

Important Questions to Ask

  1. Can I See Your Before & After Photos? Experienced physicians with great results should have photos to back up their abilities, especially with an area like the chest (as more people are willing to share photos when their face is not in it).
  2. How Many Treatments Do You Offer for Chest Rejuvenation? If they only have one, run! All joking aside, reputable and successful medspas invest in the technology required to treat a variety of skin tones and concerns. There is no 1 laser or treatment that’s perfect for everyone’s chest, so they should have at least a few options they can discuss with you – otherwise it’s not even worth the initial conversation.

Want to know more? Download our PDF with vetting questions and comparison table!

Download PDF Table with Vetting Questions And Comparison Table

This one-page PDF shows you how our practice stacks up in every category that matters, and learn the questions to ask to compare other providers to ours. If you’re not sure how to pick the right doctor for your chest rejuvenation treatments, this is the guide that will make it quick and easy for you!

Treatments That Compliment Chest Rejuvenation Treatments

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Breast Surgeries

Gynecomastia Surgery

Biostimulatory Fillers

Sun Damage Removal

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Chest Rejuvenation FAQ’s

How do you get rid of deep wrinkles on the décolleté area?

Deep individual chest wrinkles can often be treated with filler injections. Some will get a satisfactory response with this alone. But for those who aren’t candidates, there is generally a lot of sun damage that’s causing various signs of aging on the chest, and that is better treated with lasers or skin tightening treatments, depending upon the individual’s needs. When sun damage is significant, we almost always recommend a biostimulatory filler be used over top of a laser or ultrasound treatment, as this provides the greatest improvement in skin quality.

How do you protect your chest skin from damage and keep it young?

Avoid sun exposure, smoking, side-sleeping, and other environmental damage. Treat your chest and cleavage the way you do your neck – using your skincare products to help exfoliate, moisturize, treat, and protect that skin.


Medical Director at Reflections Center

Dr. Mitchell Chasin founded Reflections Center for skin & body as a place where physicians specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patients to feel their most beautiful. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.