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Enlarged Pores & Blackheads

Large pores and blackheads are both extremely common and extremely frustrating since there may be a variety of things affecting your skin.

Enlarged pores and blackheads are common skin concerns and Reflections Center is experienced with the treatment of these frustrating skin conditions. Our skincare specialists will create a customized treatment plan with medical-grade products to shrink pores, eliminate blackheads, and help you regain glowing, smooth skin.

Top Asked Questions About Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

  • How do you get rid of blackheads and enlarged pores?
    At-home treatments should include a daily facial cleanser, oil-free moisturizer, and exfoliation. Be gentle with your skin and make sure to protect it from the sun by wearing sunscreen every day, even when it is cloudy.
  • Why do I have big pores and blackheads?
    Some people are born with big pores but enlarged pores can also be the result of too much sun exposure or hormonal changes. Blackheads form when your pores are clogged with excess oil, dead skin, and makeup residue.
  • How do you shrink an enlarged pore?
    To shrink or unclog pores, try using skincare products with retinol, get a chemical peel, use sunscreen, and use a gentle cleanser on your face. Do not scrub your face since this can irritate your skin.
  • How do you get rid of deep blackheads?
    Deep blackheads can be safely removed by a dermatologist or medical aesthetician. Do not try to extract blackheads at home since this can cause damage to the surrounding skin and worsen your condition.
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What Causes Enlarged Pores & Blackheads?

Oily Skin

Our skin naturally produces sebum (oil) to help keep it hydrated, but overproduction of sebum can leave you with oily skin. The oil collects in large pores where it is clogged at the opening of hair follicles. This excess oil along with debris (makeup, dirt, etc.) and dead skin cells is a common cause of clogged pores and blackheads.


Hormonal surges, sometimes from underlying medical conditions, but most commonly just a natural part of various phases in life, especially for women, can increase oil production and cause blackheads or acne to flare up.
When the issue is caused by underlying medical conditions, like PCOS or hormonal imbalances, then we want to treat the underlying cause – because no amount of treatments can outpace a bad hormonal imbalance. That’s why it’s so helpful to meet with our doctors for a free consultation, because they can dig into these causes and make a diagnosis.
However, when it’s just an expected hormonal change, say with pregnancy or menopause, then we want to do everything we can in the short term to blunt oil overproduction, without long-term consequences.


As we age, collagen production decreases and the skin loses its elasticity. Skin laxity causes the skin to stretch over time which can gradually create enlarged pores. Hormonal changes that come with aging can also change the size of your pores.

Our Favorite Treatments for Enlarged Pores & Blackheads

  • Skincare Solutions
  • Aesthetician Services

    Reflections Center offers several medical grade aesthetician services including facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and dermabrasion. These treatments can help brighten, smooth, tone, and tighten your skin to treat blackheads, improve skin health, and brighten the appearance of your skin.

    Chemical Peel

    Chemical peels exfoliate the skin and strip away dead skin cells and debris to treat and prevent future blackheads. The strength of your chemical peel can be customized for your skin type and skin condition.

    Skincare Products

    We offer a select range of the best medical-grade skincare products made from quality ingredients to give you a quality skincare routine. You can purchase these products directly from our office and our physicians will offer you recommendations after examining your skin and discussing your concerns.

  • Laser Therapy
  • Smoothbeam

    The Smoothbeam laser targets overactive sebaceous glands that are responsible for your blackheads and acne. Smoothbeam simultaneously stimulates the growth of new collagen to rejuvenate and refresh the surface level of your skin.


    Isolaz combines intense pulsed light (IPL) with a gentle vacuum applicator to suck out debris from inside your pores while destroying acne and blackheads on the surface of the skin. With only 3-5 treatments, you can enjoy smooth, unblemished skin for an extended period of time.

  • Medication
  • Prescription Medications

    For more severe cases of blackheads and enlarged pores, our dermatologists can prescribe acne medications with powerful ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. Oral medication such as Accutane or antibiotics can also be prescribed.

    Why Choose Reflections For Enlarged Pores & Blackhead Removal

    Hormones, genetic predisposition, and aging can lead to large pores and blackheads. These factors are not always controllable, which can be frustrating when trying to achieve a clear, youthful-looking complexion. Thankfully, there are many different skincare solutions available to help you look and feel your best.

    At Reflections Center, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a customized treatment plan based on your skin type and those concerns. Every person’s skin is unique and therefore, every treatment is different. Treatments may include a mix of laser or light therapy, medications, and chemical peels or facials. Our experienced team of doctors and aestheticians rely on medical-grade skincare and FDA-approved technologies to maximize the efficiency of your treatment and help you achieve the best results possible.

    To learn more about our offered skincare solutions, laser therapy, and medication to treat enlarged pores and blackheads, contact Reflections today to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our skincare specialists. Our skilled and friendly team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Enlarged Pores & Blackheads

    • Will large pores go away?

      Although you cannot always shrink your pores, you can minimize the appearance of enlarged pores by keeping your skin clean and healthy with a quality skincare routine.

    • Do blackheads leave holes?

      The holes left behind when you extract blackheads are enlarged pores. Overtime, these holes may reduce by using retinol or glycolic acid or by receiving aesthetician services.

    • Why are my pores getting bigger as I get older?

      As you get older, your skin becomes lax and starts to sag because collagen production decreases. As your skin stretches and sags, your pores enlarge.

    • How do you minimize pores after 50?

      Make sure to thoroughly remove all your makeup before you go to bed and clean your skin with a gel-based or water-based cleanser twice a day. Exfoliate regularly and make sure to wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.

    • Does retinol help with big pores?

      Retinol has been proven to increase cell turnover which plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

    • What is the best cosmetic procedure for large pores?

      Every person’s skin is unique so each person may respond to treatment differently. Some of the best cosmetic procedures are laser treatments, microneedling, and exfoliating chemical peels.

    • What happens to blackheads if not removed?

      If blackheads are not removed, your skin may become irritated or inflamed. Untreated blackheads can lead to acne as a result of skin infection.

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