Reflections is pleased to present our Reflections Rewards loyalty program. This innovative program lets you earn points that can be later redeemed for services such as facials, sapphire photoabrasion, laser treatments, Botox, or fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn Reflections Rewards points?

Simply join the Reflections Rewards Point Program (it’s free) by telling a Reflections Team Member you’d like to enroll.
(Please note: plastic surgery appointments and procedures are not eligible for Reflections Rewards.)  
See Reflections Rewards Point Program Terms and Conditions below for details on how to earn and redeem points.

How many points can I earn?

You earn 1 Reflections Rewards point for each $1 spent.

You can earn bonus points during special promotions and incentives as advertised in our newsletter. Look for these promotions and accumulate Reflections Rewards faster. See the table below for a complete listing of point opportunities.

1 point for every $1 spent

Pre-purchasing a package or a series of treatments means you’ll get access to those rewards points directly after the purchase – meaning they can be used for other treatments sooner!

500 points for all referrals of friends, co-workers, family members, and other loved ones.

Can I earn points for referring my friends and family?

Yes!  As a token of our appreciation, 500 Reflections Rewards points will be rewarded for referring your friends or family members. We appreciate your loyalty.

Where can I find my current points balance?

You can call us at one of our centers and we’ll look up your current points balance, or email us at and we will email you your balance, usually within 48 hours.

How many points do I need to earn a Reward?

You need a minimum of 2,500 points to redeem your Reflections Rewards.

See the table below for Rewards.

2,500 pts = $125
3,500 pts = $175
5,000 pts = $250
7,500 pts = $375
10,000 pts = $500
15,000 pts = $750
20,000 pts = $1,000
25,000 pts = $1,250

How do I redeem my points?

When you’ve earned enough points to exchange for a Reflections Reward you can call us and schedule the reward service of your choice and we will do the rest. Your points will be automatically deducted when you complete your appointment(s). (Please note that a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancellation of your appointment. Not complying with this policy may result in the loss of the Reflections Rewards points that were to be redeemed for that service).

Do Reflections Rewards points expire?

Yes, Reflections Rewards points will expire for any member who fails to earn Reflections Rewards points for a period of twenty-four (24) months. The participant is subject to termination of his or her membership and forfeiture of all accrued Reflections Rewards points.

What are the terms and conditions of Reflections Rewards?

Please refer to the Reflections Rewards Terms and Conditions for program details.  It is the Reflections Rewards member’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions regarding Reflections Rewards outlined on the back of the member book.

Rules Concerning Reflections Rewards Points

  • Membership is required to begin to accumulate points in the Reflections Rewards program.
    Reflections Reward points will NOT be added retroactively to any account.
  • Members earn 1 Reflections Rewards point per $1 spent at any Reflection’s location. Reflections Rewards are not awarded until the appointment has been completed (i.e., the Reflections Rewards participant has honored the appointment and paid for the services rendered).
  • If a member needs to cancel or change an appointment, the participant must give a minimum of 48 hours before the appointment. Any participants who fail to comply with this policy are subject to a cancellation of their rewards membership and all accumulated Reflections
  • Rewards points. Any participants who fail to show up for a scheduled appointment without proper notification (please read above rule) will automatically forfeit all Reflections Rewards points.

Terms and Conditions

  • Reflections reserves the right to terminate Reflections Rewards or to change these Terms and Conditions, regulations, or benefits of participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the number of Reflections Rewards already accumulated. Reflections may also withdraw, limit, modify or cancel the number of Reflections Rewards points required for reward redemption or change the number or type of rewards offered. Reflections will have final decision should any disputes over Reflections Rewards or the awarding of Rewards points arise.
  • Reflections reserves the right to terminate a member’s Reflections Rewards account and cancel accumulated Reflections Rewards points if Reflections believes, in its sole discretion, that the member is abusing the Reflections Rewards program, or is misrepresenting any information furnished to Reflections.
  • Any Reflections Rewards member who fails at any time to earn Reflections Rewards points for a period of twenty-four (24) months is subject to termination of his or her membership and forfeiture of all accrued Reflections Rewards points.
  • Should Reflections offer rewards from any partners, Reflections will not be responsible for any partner’s participation in or withdrawal from Reflections Rewards.
  • Reflections Rewards points earned by a member cannot be shared or transferred to other members’ accounts.
  • Gift cards purchased by the participant for their own use will not accumulate Reflections Rewards points.
  • The participant’s account or accounts must be in good standing to receive or to redeem Reflections Rewards.
  • Inquiries regarding the Reflections and Reflections Rewards points assigned to an appointment must be submitted via email within 14 days after the appointment date in order to be considered for review.