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Lips, Lip Lines, & Smiles

Something to smile about: Luscious lips and gorgeous smiles are only an injection away!

Lip Filler Injections [Best Fillers, Types of Results, Duration] with Dr. Michelle Ellern

Lip Fillers have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past few years, but many patients aren’t aware that there are a lot of options on the market, and each has it’s own best uses. For example, Volbella is longer-lasting (at least 1 year) and works for smoothing out lip lines, but it isn’t great at adding volume. Juvederm and Restylane work well for adding volume and are some of the least expensive options, but they only last 6-12 months, depending upon the filler and individual’s metabolism rate.

A warm, beautiful smile is a perfect first impression. When you don’t love the way your smile or lips look, it can be a source of anxiety and self-consciousness. Our detail-oriented cosmetic physicians will help you chose the right procedure to fit your lifestyle and budget, to create natural-looking, beautiful lips and a smile that glows. We focus on creating subtle, natural-looking results that enhance and highlight your natural beauty.

Top Asked Questions About Lip Lines

  • What's the cost of lip fillers?
    For our practice, the cost of lip augmentation or smile enhancement depends upon the procedure or product used. Dermal Fillers are the most common lip procedure, and they are priced by brand and number of syringes. A single syringe starts at $650, and most patients will have 1 syringe, although we do occasionally recommend a second syringe when significant augmentation is requested. Each of these products is very different. Juvederm offers soft, kissable lips with full volume and the ability to sculpt the lip shape. Restylane Silk and Volbella are thin products that work best to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines or create a “lip gloss” effect.
  • Can I change the shape of my lips without making them bigger?
    Yes, absolutely! This is a common request, especially for women who have asymmetric lips or who have a lack of definition or shape to their cupid's bow. This can be done with Fillers and/or Botox, by our skilled physician injectors.
  • How long do lip injections last?
    Filler in the red portion of the lip lasts around 6-18 months, depending upon which filler is used and your metabolism. Botox lasts between 3-5 months.
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What Can Smile & Lip Treatments Correct?

When it comes to creating a smooth, plump lip and balanced smile, precision artistry cannot be overstated. It is the work of the physician, not the tool he/she uses, that creates the majority of the result. This is why our physicians, who perform procedures for lip enhancement and rejuvenation many times each day, have the experience and skill to consistently create beautiful, natural-looking results on a variety of patients.

Too-Thin or Thinning Lips

The desire for fuller, pouty lips has certainly driven the popularity of lip fillers over the past decade, but you don’t have to want kylie-style lips to appreciate the results of filler in the lips. Many of our patients want a natural, subtle plump, or perhaps a little more protrusion.

Changing the Shape of the Lip

Some people are looking for a more defined border to their lip, and others want a different shape. In either case, filler can help you achieve your lip goals!

Lip Lines on Aging Lips

Vertical lip lines, sometimes called smoker’s lines, can appear in women as early as their 30’s, and left untreated continue to deepen over time. They’re caused by repeated motions or facial expressions, although that doesn’t have to mean smoking – they can occur from drinking from straws and water bottles, pursing your lips, or other repetitive motions.

Lip Lines, or “Smoker’s Lines”, those vertical lines that form around the mouth are very common, especially in older patients. The collagen support for the skin around the mouth breaks down from repeated facial expressions, creating fine lines that become deeper with time.

Overly Gummy Smiles

Patients who have overly gummy smiles often tell us that they avoid smiling. This breaks our hearts. We love correcting this problem because it’s so quick, easy, and inexpensive to fix, and creates such a huge sense of relief and joy for our patients. Just a few units of Botox usually does the trick. Very occasionally we will recommend dermal fillers to increase the lip size in addition to the Botox.

Our Favorite Treatments For Lips & Lip Lines

  • Thin Lips Become Plump Pouts
  • The most common request we hear regarding lips is to add volume or augment the size of the lips. We’re big fans of creating natural, proportionate volume in the lips to balance out the face.

    Dermal Fillers

    We typically recommend dermal fillers for lip augmentation injections, but we do also offer lip implants for patients who are ready to make the change more permanent.

  • Asymmetric Lips or Smiles
  • All of us are asymmetric in some part of our faces, but many people have very noticeable asymmetries in the lips or mouth.

    Dermal Fillers, Botox

    This can usually be corrected very easily with injectables, usually just filler injections but occasionally Botox too, for a nice, natural result. There are several patients in the lip fillers before & after gallery above that have significant asymmetries that have been corrected.

  • Overly Gummy Smiles
  • Botox

    A gummy smile can be corrected with Botox alone most of the time. Just a few units of Botox, injected in the right spots, can dramatically change the smile. Occasionally, filler is used to elongate the upper lip as well.

  • Lip Lines or Smoker's Lines
  • To restore collagen and support to this area, patients have several treatment options, including:


    ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive (no needles), non-surgical radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen growth and tightens the skin, with no downtime.

    Voluma & Lyft

    Voluma and Lyft are two dermal fillers that offer more support than the softer fillers typically used for lip plumping. Either of these products can create a natural, immediate result that lasts up to 2 years.

    NOVA PDO Threads

    Nova PDO Threads can be used to create a support mesh that instantly firms and smooths, and stimulates collagen growth over time.

    CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

    CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, especially in combination with fat transfer, creates transformative change for perioral lip lines. We’d consider this the “big guns” procedure. Those looking for less downtime can augment the results of the CO2 laser with Sculptra, for increased collagen production, skip the fat transfer, and instead add some Botox injections to help prevent future wrinkles. See the video below for more info.

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    “I couldn't be more pleased with my "under the radar" change in my youthful look and quality of my skin which glows beautifully as long as I stay out of the sun! ”

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