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Happy Birthday Botox cosmetic treatment. You’re 25!

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The year was 1989 when Botox was approved by the FDA to treat strabismus (crossing of the eyes). The case for Botox cosmetic treatment was discovered when doctors treating strabismus noticed that, in many older patients, wrinkles and fine lines in the skin around the eye would soften and even disappear. Botox cosmetic treatment was approved for use in 2002 to reduce wrinkles in the glabellar lines (the vertical lines that occur between the brow).

Today, Botox cosmetic treatment is used to reduce or eliminate crows feet and all manner of wrinkles and lines in the upper part of the face. During its use, Botox has had an unprecedented record for safety and efficacy. What’s more, it has changed the way doctors approach facial rejuvenation. Before Botox, it was routine for a woman to receive a facelift in her fifties. Today, Botox delays the need for facelifts, often by a decade or more.

Combine Botox cosmetic treatment with conservative use of fillers and fraxel laser therapy and it is often possible to eliminate the need for facelifts entirely! Botox cosmetic treatment is normally used for expressive muscles that cause wrinkles in the upper part of the face while fillers are used in the lower part of the face. Given how well it works, we’re certain that Botox will enjoy another happy and healthy 25 years.