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7 Places You Can Remove Unwanted Hair

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The Bikini Line

The bikini area is one of the most popular regions for laser hair removal for a number of reasons including convenience of not having to shave, the aesthetic and social benefits being hair free and the improvement one sees with ingrown hairs and folliculitis. These latter two issues often cause itchy or painful lesions which can leave a dark mark. Soon after the laser treatments begin, these conditions improve. If the marks are severe, the physicians will prescribe a topical cream to treat the marks or a Q switched laser can be utilized as well. Having a bikini area that is free from irritation, hair and dark marks is incredibly satisfying for our patients.

The type of laser used will depend on the nature of the skin and color of the hair in the region. Sometimes the bikini area in a woman is much darker than surrounding skin and it requires a specialized hair removal laser for a safe and effective result. Make sure the physician who is providing laser hair removal has several lasers at their disposal so they can tailor the treatment to your needs. It is desirable to seek care from a facility that specializes in laser treatments, rather than dabbles in the field.

It generally takes 4-8 treatments provided at 4-6 week intervals to complete a course of hair removal, but hair reduction becomes noticeable even after the first treatment. The bikini line should be shaved either the morning of or the day before treatment. We recommend that a woman try on several bathing suits and underwear to help make the decision of where to treat and to shave the area accordingly. Waxing should be avoided for a 1-2 week period before laser hair removal and in between treatments.

The decision of how much hair to remove is a personal one but we can help guide you. If requested, all the hair can be removed in a Brazilian style laser hair removal treatment. For your comfort, Reflections has female physicians who perform laser hair removal in each of the locations.

Laser hair removal is generally performed without the need for topical anesthetic. Most women report the level of discomfort to be about 80% less than waxing. No downtime is required after treatment. Tanning of the area should be avoided during the series of laser hair removal treatments.

Underarms (Axilla)

Laser hair removal for the underarms is a very popular today as it gives women the freedom of not having to shave and underarms that are smooth and free of irritation. Ingrown hairs also respond to the laser. This is often the first laser hair removal treatment a woman undergoes. Others follow shortly thereafter!

Generally 4- 8 monthly treatments are required, during which time the amount of hair in the treatment area will progressively reduce. Shaving can be done in the interval between treatments and must be performed either on the morning of laser treatment or the day prior. The laser treatments are comfortable and generally don’t require any topical anesthetic. No downtime is required after treatment. It is recommended that underarms be tan free at time of treatments.


Facial hair is one of the most distressing issues for a woman. It can develop on the upper lip, chin, neck or sides of the face. The cause of hair growth in a woman can be hereditary or the result of abnormal hormone levels. Things that suggest a hormone imbalance or medical cause include irregular menstrual cycles, acne, ovarian cysts or being overweight. If any of these variables exist, or if the hair growth is sudden, it is recommended that you seek care from your physician. The evaluation will consist, among other things, of blood work that checks FSH, LH and testosterone level.

The treatment consists of a series of 4-8 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

The hair is shaved prior to treatment and if necessary during the time in between treatments. Plucking and waxing should be avoided for a 1-2 week period before laser hair removal. Bleaching can be done but not sooner than a week before the next treatment.

Laser hair removal treatments for the face are generally performed without the need for topical anesthesia and no downtime is required afterwards. All areas of the face can be treated with the exception of the area above and below the eyebrows (though the area in between can be treated). Tanning should be avoided before and after treatments.

It is essential to choose a facility that owns and utilizes several lasers for hair removal so a treatment can be tailored to your skin and hair color. Also look for a physician who specializes in and uses lasers for a variety of other needs, as this indicates experience and commitment to the field and a safer and more effective treatment regimen.

Legs and arms

Smooth, sexy legs that don’t require shaving can be obtained today after a series of laser hair removal treatments. A series of 4-8 treatments performed every 6-8 weeks is required but treatments are quite comfortable and don’t require any downtime. Laser hair removal treatments for the full legs may take up to an hour due to the large surface area involved and sometimes women choose just to do their lower legs.

Laser hair removal for the arms may be done with even longer intervals if your hair grows slow. Thicker, darker hair responds better than thinner, lighter hair.

Back, shoulders and upper arms

For men, hair on the back and shoulders is often very distressing. Beyond the aesthetic concerns, the back may become develop ingrown hairs and folliculitis which is worsened with exercise or sweating. This may result in itchy or painful lesions and dark marks on the back. Laser hair removal is a welcomed technology to address the issue of hair growth on the back.

Hair removal sessions for the back and shoulders are provided at 6-8 week intervals and the number of treatments required depends on whether the goal is to remove most of the hair or just thin in out. The ranges of treatments are 4-8.

Sun exposure and tanning should be avoided during the process of laser hair removal as it increases the risks. Waxing should not be performed within a two week period before treatment. Shaving is fine and needs to be done ONE day prior to laser hair removal. Due to the size of the treatment area, laser hair removal treatments for the back takes about 45 minutes.

Sometimes we focus on the back, other times on the back, shoulders and upper arms. In either case, we will remove the hair in a fashion that is completely natural.

It is important to seek care from a physician and facility that specializes in laser treatments for hair removal and has a multitude of other lasers for other conditions as well. Make sure that the physician owns several different hair removal lasers so the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs. During the course of hair removal, it is not uncommon for us to use several different lasers.

Breasts (areola)

Hair on the breasts is a very sensitive and embarrassing issue for many women. Unfortunately it is a very common problem! With a series of laser hair removal treatments, performed at 4-8 week intervals, we can reduce the issue of breast hair to a bad memory. The treatments are completely comfortable and no downtime is required. In between treatments plucking of hair should be avoided but shaving is ok.

The specific laser to be used depends on the color of your skin and the color and diameter of the hair. Because of this, choose experienced physicians who own and utilize several different hair removal lasers so the treatment can be tailored to your needs.

Chest and abdomen

Removal of the hair on the chest and abdomen used to be limited to swimmers, now it is very popular for many others. Treatments are provided in 6-8 week intervals, with number of treatments required determined by goal of therapy, namely how much hair one is looking to reduce.

This is a sensitive area and one of the locations when we sometimes use a topical anesthetic prior to treatment.

Sun exposure and tanning should be avoided before treatments and you should not wax for at least two weeks prior to treatment with the laser. Shaving is ok.

It is important to shave the abdomen and chest one day prior to the laser treatment. The physicians of Reflections will provide laser hair removal of this region in a completely natural fashion.