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7 Things to Know About Laser Treatments

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Laser technology can do wonders to rejuvenate skin, not to mention the perks of laser hair removal.  Before you take the leap under the light, however, there are few things you should consider:

    1. Find a medical doctor who owns a variety of lasers.  The more tools the doctor has, the more flexible he or she can be in creating a treatment program that’s just right for you. Also, owning multiple lasers show how committed the doctor is to non-invasive aesthetic medicine.
    2. Avoid doctors who rent lasers or only have one device. This might be an indication that laser medicine is a side business for a doctor, not the focus of their practice. You don’t want to be zapped by someone who dabbles with lasers.  Also, many “do all” devices do one thing well and everything else poorly.  Do a little web research and make sure they have the right tool for the job.
    3. Don’t request a specific laser for your treatment. Rather, let the doctor choose the right treatment to address your skin concerns.
    4. Wait for your tan to fade before undergoing certain laser treatments.  The darker you are, the greater your risk of complications considering that laser light is attracted to pigmentation in the skin.  We will always advise patients of which treatments may be affected by their bronzed skin.
    5. If a physician assistant or someone other than a doctor is administering your treatment, check to make sure they are permitted to do so under your state’s law. In New Jersey, only doctors and registered nurses are allowed to administer laser treatments.
    6. Be realistic about the outcome of your laser treatment. While lasers have great benefits to the skin, they are not a beauty cure-all. Make sure you look at before and after pictures and get a clear sense of the outcome you can expect before you decide on a treatment.  This can be done during a complimentary consultation at Reflections.
    7. If you are planning a laser treatment prior to an important event, such as a wedding, make sure you allow enough time for the skin to heal following the treatment. We can provide information on the recommended downtime and possible side effects for your treatment. Some lasers can cause swelling and redness, while others require you to avoid sun exposure for a period of time.

If you are considering a laser skin treatment in New Jersey, our friendly staff here at The Reflections Center for Skin and Body is delighted to help your find the right laser for your aesthetic goals. Reflections Center offers an extensive array of laser treatments, including Fraxel, Portrait PSR, Smoothbeam, CO2, and Vbeam. No matter your skin type or condition, our office is sure to have the perfect laser treatment for you.

The staff can address your concerns over the phone, or you can choose a time to come in for your initial free consultation.