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Americans tearing their hair out over shaving may want to try laser removal

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Hair removal can be a real pain. The process can be time-consuming, uncomfortable and – when you really give it some thought – expensive. Each year, men and women in the U.S. spend millions of dollars on products such as creams, gels, razors and waxes. Despite putting in both time and money, the hair just keeps coming back.

Whether it’s the legs, armpits, chest, back or bikini area, getting a beach-ready body with do-it-yourself methods can have unwanted results. Shaving can cause dry, irritated skin, while the use of cold wax strips may lead to ingrown hairs, which are often unsightly and painful. In some cases, plucking and tweezing may cause pigmentation problems and scarring.

For those who are tired of putting in time and effort to achieve only temporary results, laser hair removal might be a good way to go. The procedure has garnered praise from millions of people all over the country for its safety, effectiveness and excellent results.

Individuals who opt for the treatment at their local medical spa will be asked to come in for a few 30-minute sessions over the course of eight weeks. At each visit, a bright beam of light focuses on targeted areas of the face and body, where it is absorbed by melanin, molecules of pigment in the skin. This results in damage to the shaft and follicle of unwanted hairs, but does not affect the surrounding tissues.

Depending on the density and color of a patient’s hair, as well as any hormonal factors that may come into play, the number of treatment sessions can vary between four and eight. Undergoing laser hair removal over a period of time can also ensure that the procedure targets hair during the optimal phase of growth. This can help produce the best possible results.

“I don’t have a lot of facial hair. Still, what’s there will be removed,” one patient told the Montreal Gazette. “As anybody who has been through this process knows, laser hair removal techniques will take care of the dark hair in about seven sessions.”

Laser hair removal has come a long way since the early days of the technology, which called for significant recovery time. Now, patients can come in for a quick, safe treatment at their convenience and then get right back to their daily activities, all the while knowing that their faces and bodies will soon be perfectly smooth and ready for summer.