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Dermatologist predicts top 10 cosmetic procedure trends for 2012

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Reflections for Botox injections.
Reflections for Botox injections.

The New Year inevitably brings about a plethora of ‘top 10’ lists, and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are no exception. Canadian dermatologist Barry Lycka recently made his predictions for the 10 most popular industry trends for the upcoming year.

Consumers already appear to be favoring low-cost procedures that require little to no recovery time over invasive operations like surgical face lifts or tummy tucks, and there may be an even bigger demand for these treatments in 2012, according to the doctor.

Medical spas and facilities may also be seeing more men coming through their doors over the year. Previous reports have suggested that cosmetic operations are no longer a woman’s game, as career-minded males are beginning to see a younger looking appearance as an edge in the workplace.

Patients may also begin eschewing scalpels and stitches in favor of laser and injectable treatments. After all, no one enjoys stitches, incisions and excessive dressing, not to mention the long healing times that invasive operations tend to require.

Healthcare providers and cosmetic professionals may also see an uptick in the use of new topical treatments, as well as a slew of new products on the market, Lycka said.

For individuals who want dramatic results, new surgical techniques may emerge to provide patients with better results and lower risks of complications.

Fans of Botox injections may have more options in 2012, as Lycka predicts that more anti-wrinkle treatments will be developed to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, laugh lines and forehead creases.

The same goes for fillers, according to Lycka. The dermatologist says that Restylane injections may also be seeing some competition on the market.

The use of lasers is also expected to rise as technologies advance. For instance, liposuction has recently been made easier than ever with the use of procedures like SlimLipo, which liquefies fat before suctioning it out. This makes for a smaller incision and less bruising.

Lycka also reported that he expects to see heated debates over the efficacy, necessity and best practices in cosmetic surgeries.

Finally, the dermatologist predicted that more physicians will be offering cosmetic procedures in this year. This may be due to the fact that patients typically pay up-front and out-of-pocket for these services, which means a potentially more fiscally sound practice.