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Hollywood actress may be undergoing laser tattoo removal

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Like most young and beautiful actresses, Megan Fox is often the subject of much scrutiny. Recently, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on Fox’s right forearm is significantly fainter, according to the Orange County Register.

The Transformers star, who idolizes the legendary screen siren, told US Magazine in 2009 that she got the tattoo to remind herself to stay strong and not to get broken down by the film industry.

Many are speculating that the faded ink may be due to Fox undergoing laser tattoo removal, a procedure that has become widely popular in recent years.

“The majority of people who get a tattoo put on are eventually going to want it [taken] off,” said dermatologist Lydia Parker, quoted by The Plain Dealer, a Cleveland, Ohio, publication.

During the process of laser tattoo removal, short pulses are delivered into the skin to break down the pigment. The technique is a safe and effective alternative to the procedures of old, such as dermabrasion or cryosurgery, which were painful for many patients and resulted in significant scarring.

Thanks to advancements in technology, anyone – from Hollywood celebs to ordinary people – can get rid of tattoos that they’ve been having second thoughts about.