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How Do You Spell Migraine Relief? BOTOX

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If you, or someone you know, suffer from migraines, you’ll be interested to know that the FDA just approved BOTOX injections for migraine treatment. Injected every 3 months in various spots of the face and neck, it’s approved for those who suffer with migraines at least 15 days a month for four hours of pain, minimum.

The studies are compelling. In one, chronic migraine victims reported 9 fewer days of headaches per month compared with those getting a placebo, who reported 6.7 fewer. Allergan also funded its own study, showing 7.8 fewer headaches per month compared with placebo of only 6.4 days’ fewer headaches.

Our practice, as always, is on the front of the news, and was already featured on Fox 5 NY television this week with an interview about this topic. See our Botox for Migraines video below.

Pick up the phone and put a stop to migraines. Share the word with friends, family and co-workers and schedule time with us to treat this problem. You’ll feel oh so much better.