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How to (Not) Age Like a Celebrity

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It seems like some celebrities never age and many of our patients want to know how they can also age gracefully. Dr. Renata Wix-Harris’s advice is “always the same, they do lots of little things all the time and they start early.” No two people will age the same way so Dr. Wix-Harris and our team will help customize your treatment to your cosmetic concerns and needs. Here are a few tips to get you started with the prevention and maintenance of some of the most common skin concerns.

Collagen Loss

As we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin, two proteins that create structure and volume in the skin. When the production of these proteins slows down, we start to see thin, crepey skin and wrinkles. Brown spots or hyperpigmentation are also common concerns for patients whose skin is just starting to age. These are a few things you can do to prevent collagen loss and maintain youthful, vibrant skin.

Limit Sun Exposure

The aging process is sped up by sun exposure so one of the first things to start with is sun protection. Start wearing sunscreen and/or makeup with SPF from an early age and avoid tanning. You can also wear wide-brimmed hats and long sleeves to give your skin an extra level of protection against the sun.

Use Quality Skincare Products

Prescription Retin-A is the gold standard in anti-aging skincare products but if you cannot find this product, look for over-the-counter retinols. Exfoliating daily with glycolic acid or salicylic acid will remove dead skin cells to maintain healthy skin.

Cosmetic Treatments

Technology can be used to build collagen back up and reduce age spots and wrinkles. Different types of lasers target different concerns like pigmentation and brown spots or texture and wrinkling. Cosmetic treatments with micro-focused ultrasound are a great way to rebuild collagen. Ultrasonic energy creates tiny injuries beneath the skin’s surface to trigger the body’s natural healing process and production of new collagen. RF (radiofrequency) treatments like ThermiSmooth or RF microneedling work similarly by heating the skin to stimulate collagen growth.

Volume Loss

Volume loss occurs for two reasons. As we age, we either lose fat or it is redistributed. This can create the combined appearance of gaunt cheeks and sagging jowls because of fat that is shifted to the bottom part of the face. Volume loss also occurs because the bones start to remodel with age. The cheekbones recede, eye sockets turn down, and the jaw shifts forward and shrinks slightly. This starts in the mid-late 40s and creates noticeable changes by your 50s-60s.

Dermal Fillers

Although volume loss cannot be prevented, it can be restored with dermal fillers. It is best to start receiving dermal fillers early or when you first start to notice volume loss. “When you start early, when you are having just a little bit of volume loss, it’s much easier to kind of keep up with it than when you wait when you’re very hollow and sagging,” Dr. Wix-Harris explains. It can be much more difficult and costly to restore significantly hollowed skin and the results will not look as natural. A little dermal filler every few years will help you keep up with the aging process so that you can maintain your natural youthful appearance without a dramatic change.

Muscle Laxity

Dr. Wix-Harris describes aging muscles as “stretched-out rubber bands.” Over time, the muscles and ligaments become lax, and this adds to the appearance of sagging skin. If muscle laxity is severe, you may need a facelift but less invasive measures like Ultherapy can be helpful if you start early when the muscles are only mildly or moderately lax. Ultherapy uses ultrasonic energy to stimulate the production of new collagen for a lifted, tightened effect.

Hyperactive Muscles

On the other hand, some muscles in the chin or eye areas become hyperactive as you age. Botox is the best treatment for these hyperactive muscles because its botulinum toxin formula relaxes the muscles and prevents them from contracting too much. This limits the appearance of dynamic wrinkles that form in hyperactive areas or places where you are constantly performing facial movements.

Anti-Aging Treatments at Reflections Center

Depending on which celebrity you are comparing yourself to, you either want to look just like them or the opposite. Some celebrities have too much work done, leading to unnatural appearances and dramatic changes that completely alter their look. At Reflections Center, our skilled team of cosmetic physicians will use a moderate approach to refresh your appearance and rejuvenate your natural beauty. Schedule a consultation today for a customized treatment that targets your cosmetic goals and restores your youthful appearance.