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Laser acne treatment

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Last week we talked about using lasers to treat acne scarring. The good news is that laser acne treatment also does an excellent job of reducing and even eliminating acne in teens and adults.

Even better, laser acne treatment is non-invasive, there is little down time and it is almost pain free. Unlike drugs, laser acne treatment also has no unwanted systemic side effects, and it’s a terrific way to give your fight against acne a big boost.

The root cause of acne is two fold. First, the sebaceous glands over produce sebum, the oily substance that normally protects the skin. The excess oil plugs pores, which leads to the growth of bacteria and the formation of lesions on the skin. In severe cases, cysts can form underneath the skin.

There are several different types of laser acne treatment devices, each better at treating different types of acne. In addition to reducing the size of pores as well as the activity of the sebaceous glands, lasers do a good job of killing the bacteria in and on top of the skin. Lasers also help remove black heads, debris and can improve overall skin texture.

Your doctor will choose one or a combination of lasers to use based on your unique condition. He or she may also prescribe medications to take along with laser acne treatment, as using both together can produce profound improvements.

If you’re someone who has tried every kind of acne treatment without a satisfactory outcome, the time might be right to consider one of the many forms of laser acne treatment. Consult with a Reflections physician to find out more, and we’ll find the perfect combination to bring your acne under control.