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Laser liposuction can trim arms where exercise can’t

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Reflections for laser liposuction.
Reflections for laser liposuction.

Flabby arms are famously stubborn, causing unsightliness and embarrassment no matter how much time is spent on push-ups, curls or weights. Moreover, an arm lift is likely to cause scarring and may be too extreme for men and women with just a little bit of extra skin to get rid of.

Individuals who experience this issue may benefit from laser liposuction in the arm region combined with a skin tightening procedure, such as Thermage.

“By double-downing and combining non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, we can get good skin tightening results in those difficult areas, without significant downtime and scarring,” said Louis Cole, a plastic surgeon in Atlanta.

Laser liposuction not only removes unwanted fat, but stimulates collagen production in the skin, which is known to help firm flabby skin. Cole said that it may take some time to see optimal results from this technique.

“Patients will look good at two to three days but will look even better at three to six months,” said Cole.

People may be aware of a laser liposuction procedure called SmartLipo, which uses laser technology to melt fat before it is suctioned out of the body. By liquefying the fat tissue first, healthcare professionals are able to more easily remove it, leaving a smaller scar than traditional liposuction. Another technique known as SlimLipo is gaining popularity, as the wavelengths used during this procedure are better able to target fat cells, making for a safer technique and better-looking outcome.

SlimLipo is a little more exclusive than SmartLipo right now, since a smaller number of medical spas and plastic surgery centers are approved to perform the procedure. Procedures done with SlimLipo are known to give quicker, tighter and more contoured results than other laser liposuction methods.

Individuals who choose a combination of the laser liposuction and skin firming treatment may be interested to know that procedures like Thermage work by contracting collagen in the deeper layers of the skin using radiofrequency energy. In two to three months, patients will see the maximum results from the treatment, and they should last for years afterward.

People should be sure to have a thorough consultation with an accredited healthcare professional before deciding on cosmetic procedures to correct flabby arms. Additionally, they should be sure to carefully select a trusted, experienced physician.