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Liposuction is Top Operation For British Men

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According to the British press, there’s been a surge in the number of British men wanting a better-looking body, and they’re choosing liposuction to get it. Witness their soccer star, Ronaldo, who had lipo on his abdomen last year. One wonders if this was the beginning of the rush, considering that since August of 2009, liposuction for UK men has increased by 117%!

Before the increase in liposuction for the torso, UK men were most interested in eliminating their gynecomastia to avoid the look of Simon Cowell and his man boobs. Suddenly, however, they’re hot to trade their love handles for a 6-pack belly.

Here in the US, men’s cosmetic surgery procedures increased by 9% from 2008 to 2009, resulting in nearly a million surgical procedures, with lipo the top pick. Nose jobs, eyelid surgery, breast reduction and hair transplantation rounded out the top five American men’s procedures.

Here in our practice at Reflections Center in New Jersey, laser liposuction enables us to improve the contour with little to no downtime, using laser energy to create predictable results by targeting the energy to remove areas of fat. Local anesthesia is all that’s needed, giving you a comfortable experience, a faster recovery and less bruising. Tiny cannulae are used to extract the fat.

It’s great for those who have tried dieting and exercise but, after childbirth or aging, find that targeted areas of stubborn fat still remain. Advantages over regular liposuction include skin tightening, with less risk of lumps and bumps that can happen with traditional lipo. SlimLipo’s wavelength melts the fat away, 7 times more than SmartLipo. Risks of burns are remarkably reduced—in fact, we’ve never seen a burn in our practice. Great for jowls, neck, male breasts and torso.

If you’re thinking about lipo, call us today and enjoy the feeling of less fat without a long recovery time!