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The Low Down on Getting a Lift

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So, it finally happened. You’ve noticed that your face isn’t looking as tight as it used to. Maybe you caught glimpses deepening folds around your mouth. Maybe another chin is appearing where only one used to exist. It’s time to face the facts; aging is inevitable. Heredity, personal habits, the pull of gravity, and sun exposure can all conspire to bring you down, but you don’t have to stay that way – Explore your facelift options!

As the aging population grows, it is obvious why facelifts have become the third most desired facial plastic surgical procedure. Frown lines, sagging jowls, double chins, deep wrinkle creases; they can all be diminished with a facelift.

The facelift procedure is relatively quick, safe, and is performed with minimal discomfort. At Reflections Center for Skin & Body, your surgeon will begin by making small incisions around your ears in order to reposition the muscles and tissue underneath to a youth-restoring contour. Excess skin and fat might be removed, depending on your individual needs. The tiny incision lines are hidden artfully in the creases of your ears, making them difficult (if not impossible) to see.

In a few short hours, your facelift is complete and you’re on your way, with a recovery period of about a week to ten days. As with everything we do at Reflections, we promise noticeable, natural-looking results. You won’t look “done,” you’ll just look really, really good.